The SONDERHOFF SMART with DM 50x technology

Dosing cell with the highest process stability for automated sealing, bonding and potting


The latest generation of SONDERHOFF SMART dosing cells with the new DM 50x technology features numerous innovative improvements. They are all designed to ensure maximum process stability during the fully automated dispensing of polyurethane or silicone-based 2K material systems for seal foaming, bonding and potting. As before, you can obtain the dosing cell of our new compact class in two sizes, the smaller SMART-M and the larger SMART-L. They differ primarily in the dimensions of the cell and the size of the working area.




Animation of dosing cell SONDERHOFF SMART


Please take a look at our animation of the new SONDERHOFF SMART with DM 50x technology, the dosing cell with the highest process stability for automated gasketing, bonding and potting.




Innovative Mixing Head for the Highest Demands

Both SMART low-pressure mixing and dosing cells can optionally be configured with the precision mixing heads from the MK 800 series. In order to always ensure an optimal application process and higher machine availability, important machine parameters can be made measurable with the mixing head MK 800 PRO using integrated sensors:

  • Positioning and rotational speed control of the agitator in the mixing chamber,
  • Sensor-monitored axial position of the agitator shaft,
  • Automatic stroke adjustment of the agitator with stepper motor and position monitoring,
  • Automatic air loading for an optimum cell structure of the foam gasket,
  • Sensor-monitored position of the dosing needle made of high-performance plastic in the dosing and recirculation valve.

Broad database for optimized process evaluation and control

The use of the MK 800 mixing head technology in the SONDERHOFF SMART dosing cells also means that sensors can collect a large number of data from the entire FIP (Formed-In-Place) application process. This enables seamless monitoring and compliance with critical process parameters. The automatic logging of all system, material and process data ensures that the production process is transparent at all times.

The automatic logging of all system, material and process data creates a comprehensive data pool that enables fast and precise data analysis for optimized process evaluation and control.

With the new generation of SONDERHOFF SMART dosing cells and their innovative technology, individual and at the same time efficient, highly productive and reliable manufacturing solutions can be implemented. To ensure consistently high machine availability, we offer a comprehensive service concept. The basic idea is preventive and planned maintenance.



An overview of the SONDERHOFF SMART family

Automated System Solutions for Advanced Material Dosing


The SONDERHOFF SMART-L for the processing of two or optionally three material components and the SONDERHOFF SMART-M for two material components are low-pressure mixing and dosing machines in a cellular design that precisely process liquid, medium- and high-viscosity plastics such as polyurethanes, silicones, epoxy resins or other polymer reaction materials. Both dosing cells are used for the semi-automatic and fully automatic application of sealing foams, adhesives and potting compounds to a wide variety of components.

They differ primarily in the dimensions of the cell and the size of the working area for moving the mixing head above the component. Without the roof, the cell measures 2.20 m in height. This means that the dosing cell can be transported in overseas containers where the door opening is 2.28 m high in accordance with the ISO standard.

SONDERHOFF SMART-L dosing cell with lifting door and MK 825 PRO mixing head, configured for two or optionally three material components.



SONDERHOFF SMART-M dosing cell with lifting door and MK 825 PRO mixing head, configured for two material components. Shown with optional CONTROL 2 multi-touch operating panel.





External dimensions
W x H x D mm)

1,700 x 2,400 x 1,985 1,200 x 2,400 x 1,700

Working area height

950 950

Travel range of the mixing head in the cell
(x/y/z mm)

1,000 x 800 x 250 500 x 600 x 250




The components of the dosing cell SONDERHOFF SMART

Perfectly Matched 

For economical and efficient production and optimal product quality, many process steps must be optimally coordinated. In particular, the precisely coordinated interaction of material, machine and process for the fully automatic material application to the parts, the automation of the part feeding and discharge for dispensing and the contour-accurate guidance of the mixing head above the part are the guarantors of a precise and effective process.

For this purpose, Henkel not only offers dosing cells with the highest precision, but above all the process experts who, with their many years of experience, implement the best individual solution for the customer.


Mixing and Dosing

The quality of the installed components and the technical equipment features of a mixing and dosing machine such as the SMART dosing cell set the standard for the best possible implementation of manufacturing quality. The high process reliability of the dosing cell is demonstrated in the repeat accuracy of the mixing head positioning over the part and thus the contour and dimensionally accurate material application.

Other examples of process reliability are the recirculation system that stabilizes the material pressure, the sophisticated mixing head cooling, temperature-controlled, double-walled material tanks, the automatic calibration of the dosing nozzle and much more.


Control and Monitoring

The control center of our mixing and dosing system is one of the most important components besides the mixing head. This is located in an air-conditioned control cabinet, in which other high-quality and durable control components from renowned manufacturers are installed in a protected manner.

The intuitive operation of the dosing system is carried out via the multifunctional MP 2 mobile panel or optionally with the CONTROL 2 multi-touch operating panel.


Moving and Automating

Coordinating the motion sequences of the mixing head is an art in itself and at the same time the second decisive pillar for a reliably repeatable manufacturing process. On the one hand, this involves the precise guidance of the CNC-controlled mixing head above the part, and on the other hand, automated part handling, i.e. the feeding and removal of the parts to and from the dosing cell.

In addition, we offer various automation solutions for the SMART dosing cell.


Technical service

The productivity and efficiency of the SMART dosing cell is largely determined by its reliable availability. That is why we ensure that fault-related downtimes and maintenance-related production interruptions are intelligently minimized.

For the technical service of our mixing and dosing systems such as the SMART dosing cell, we offer our customers a wide choice of different service packages. They can be adapted to the customer's individual situation and include proactive in-house service, e.g. risk analyses, as well as competent on-site service and fast-reacting online service, keyword: remote collaboration. We thus support you in the secure planning and implementation of your production processes as well as predictive maintenance.