No matter how complex your task is –
we make it easy for you!


Everything from a single source

Henkel is the specialist in leading technology markets and various industrial sectors. We have many years of experience in the development and manufacture of application-specific chemistry and innovative mixing and dosing machines.

Our dosing technology and material systems are precisely coordinated with each other for customer-specific applications. As a result, the processing and application of these material systems for the components is precise, safe and efficient for high-quality gasket foaming, bonding and potting.

Together we will consider whether "MAKE" or "BUY" or a combination of both is the best solution for you. With the "MAKE" option, you decide on your own production with our mixing and dosing machines and material systems.

Or you can opt for the "BUY" option and let our contract manufacturing take care of the sealing, bonding and potting of your components. By using our know-how, we enable you to concentrate even better on your core business. This service also includes logistics concepts developed for you and all other accompanying services for your product realization.

In partnership, we enable you to use this unique know-how in our contract manufacturing. You will fully benefit from this in the following aspects:

  • Reliable partner for outsourcing complex production processes
  • Ensuring the highest quality standards in the process and production
  • Flexible and fast reaction to changing requirements

No matter what you decide, whether to manufacture in-house with our dosing systems and material or to outsource part of your production to us, we allow you to concentrate fully on your core business.

As our partner you benefit not only from the unit price


We save you additional space requirements, manufacturing processes and the search for the corresponding production specialists. At the same time, we offer you reliable production processes for your complex component requirements. In other words, more certainty and a convenient solution for high production quality.

From the perspective of the total costs of ownership, the following business management aspects have to be taken into account – irrespective of the number of units to be produced:

It is expensive to maintain the production capacities for peaks in demand.

With a large number of mixing and dosing systems in multishift operation, we offer you the production flexibility that you expect during order peaks or a lack of production capacities – with great reliability and just in time. We adapt to the complexity of your supply chain

It is difficult to find skilled workers for specialized processes.

Concentrate on your core business – we will take care of the skilled workers with FIP(FG) / Formed- In-Place (Foam-Gasket) know-how and ensure the high level of training of our machine operators through special training courses and further education measures.

It requires a great deal of effort to manage the full range of component-related requirements.

We offer the highest manufacturing quality according to the certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System for components of low to high complexity and assume the manufacturing risk.

There is no space available for more operating equipment in the short term – and the creation of more space is too expensive.

Take advantage of our resources – from a standing start, so to speak. The shortest start-up times enable an almost immediate production start.


You have not processed any chemicals at your production sites so far, and you would not like to introduce any chemical production processes.

We are set up to handle chemical products and satisfy all of the associated requirements – including storage and disposal.

Provide us with a challenge!



Safety and flexibility for all demanding industries


Diverse applications

We solve the complexities that arise in conjunction with your application in an unbureaucratic manner and with our deep understanding of the Formed-In-Place (Foam-Gasket) technology and our unique capabilities to tailor this to your requirements.

However, the support we provide to our customers goes far beyond simply taking over the production process. You benefit from our support in handling the supply chain and logistics, through the option of dispatching the items from our series production directly to the end customer, up to on-demand production. This is performed without any significant qualification effort making it fast, direct and spontaneous.

True to our philosophy, “Understanding, implementing and sustainably supporting your require- ments”, we provide sealing, bonding and potting solutions for your components according to your individual requirements.

Our customers come from the most demanding industries – from automo- tive and e-mobility, through photovoltaics, household appliances and electronics, to air conditioning and ventilation technology, switch cabinet construction and lighting – to name just a few. With the knowledge acquired during this process and the ingenuity of the entire company, we can certainly assist with solving your task in line with market requirements. We always keep the big picture in focus for you: the added value for your product and your company.




The right option at any time

Contract manufacturing as an integrative part of the life cycle of your product

True to our philosophy, “Understanding requirements, developing together, sustainable accompaniment”, the focus of our actions is always on benefiting you. We offer you technical system solutions from a single source whose modular structure satisfies the highest customer-specific in- dustrial requirements. Furthermore, our highly experienced team provides you with continuous and expert advice on all phases of your products’ life cycle. In doing so, we always keep the big picture in focus for you: the added value for your product and your company.

In the early life cycle phase, you benefit from our support in the design of your product and the opportunity to perform valid tests under near-series production conditions. At the very beginning, we will also provide you with comprehensive advice on the most suitable manufacturing and logistics concept. Our long-standing experience of handling complex supply chains enables us to respond to the specific process steps you require. This ensures the optimum supply flow at our contract manufac- turing plants according to your dynamic production requirements.



As soon as a product is established in the market, other requirements come into play. In order to ensure a reliable supply to your customers, you must now be able to flexibly react to fluctuations and exceptional situations rather it is unforeseen peaks in demand or sudden emergencies. As your manufacturing partner, you can always rely on us. We ensure stable series production for you.

When your product reaches the end of its life cycle, there are other tasks to be performed for which we also offer the right solutions. For the production and long-term supply of smaller required quan- tities of discontinued product ranges for your customers, you can depend on our locations without using your important resources in the process.

Proven millions of times in high-quality products

Through stringent quality management – certified according to ISO 9001

Only the perfect interplay between the dosing system and material offers the highest levels of reliability for your components. In order to implement this in the best possible and reproducible manner, our processes start early in the design and prototype production phase.

With consistent quality management and our decades of experience from countless applications, we are able to develop solutions that meet your technical and economic requirements in an ideal form. We will also be pleased to take over further additive manufacturing steps upon request. This enables everything from a single source and provides unsurpassed benefits in terms of speed, flexibility, reliability and quality.