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Certainly you have asked yourself how the FIP(FG) (Formed-In-Place-(Foam-Gasket) technology works or what a compression set is? In addition, such topics as the advantages and disadvantages of low and high-pressure processes, the saving potential of FIP(FG) (Formed-In-Place-(Foam-Gasket) technology or the foam sealing, gluing and

potting of parts for the automotive industry are discussed.

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FIPFG – What's that?

In addition to the traditional, prefabricated rubber housing gaskets manufactured in a number of different ways, the FIP(FG) technology is being used to an increasing degree. This is the most modern form of housing gaskets. The foam  gasket is created in place, precisely where it is being used...

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Compression set

To seal housings and other various kinds of components against dust, water or chemicals, it is critical that the housing and seal correspond perfectly and  achieve the required impermeability together. The seals are compressed during  installation. There is a diverse range of materials, e.g. types of rubber such as EPDM or NBR, polyurethane, silicone, etc. available for seals...

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Testing in accordance with UL guidelines

Underwriter Laboratories is a US company which publishes test requirements and assessment criteria for safety assessments. The UL classification of technical  products is in many instances critical for trading in the US and also plays an  equally important role in exports from Europe to the US. In addition, there are  some mutual recognition agreements pertaining to UL classifications in effect with  the neighbouring countries of Canada and Mexico.

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Comparison of high and low pressure mixing and dosing technology

The application of foam seals using the FIPFG procedure is generally automated. For the application of two-component foam systems, the selected production unit must guarantee not only consistent dispensing quantities, but also the homogeneous mixing of both components....

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Which casing gasket is the right one?

During the planning, design and construction of industrial and automotive components or packaging, sealing initially often plays only a subordinate role. The gasket is critically important to the function of the whole  system, because a leak test is based on a system requirement that the casing and the gasket are tailored to each other and that they work together...

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Seals for food packaging

The handling of food requires particular care. Packaging used in the food  processing industry must also meet special criteria to ensure that there is no transfer of harmful substances from the packaging to the food...

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Sealing and Adhesion in Switchboard Construction

Housing such as control cabinets often protects sensitive electrical and/or electronic components. To protect these components it is important that the housing repel dust, moisture - even rain and snow for cabinets located outdoors -, chemicals, vapours and solid objects.
To achieve this, the seals must in particular withstand the stresses mentioned above...

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Silicone foams in sealing technology

In addition to the construction and design of the component, choosing a suitable sealing system is a critically important step to ensure that a seal can provide  reliable protection against external factors over many years for a specific  application. When choosing the optimal sealing system, the operating conditions, e.g. compression, temperature, contact media, contact times, light, vibration, pressure) to which the  sealing system will be subjected are critical... 

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Foam gaskets in the automotive industry

The automotive industry, with more than 80 million vehicles produced worldwide each year, is one of the largest and most important industrial sectors. Such an immense production output, which has resulted in the existence of over a billion vehicles worldwide, can be achieved only with a high degree of automation...

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Transparent potting for LEDs

2-component polyurethane- and silicone-based casting resin systems have proven themselves in a huge range of casting applications over the years. They fulfil the high demands placed on sealants by the industry, such as mechanical stability and resistance to temperature, aging and weathering...

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ATEX housing seals

ATEX is a widely used synonym for the ATEX-guidelines of the European Union. The term ATEX is derived from the French acronym for ATmosphère EXplosibles. ATEX currently includes two directives concerning explosion protection, namely the ATEX equipment directive 94/9/EG and the ATEX workplace directive 1999/92/EG...

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What is a white paper?

A white paper refers to a several paged summary and/or short treatises pertaining to the performance, standards and technique of a broad range of topics, which can, for example, provide an overview of the pros and cons, costs, or savings potential. This can also refer to user descriptions, case studies or market research results.

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