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The new Dispensing Cell 3E – place, plug & work

The new dispensing cell 3E from Sonderhoff will be presented at the Maktek Eurasia fair in Istanbul from October 2-7, 2018. Sonderhoff has designed the 3E cell to be delivered completely assembled in one piece in a container. The customer can just place the 3E machine without long assembly time, plug it in and get started immediately. This meets today’s requirements in nearly all industry sectors for fast and short delivery times, ready-to-use-machines from stock and low investment and operational costs. The 3E two-component mixing and dosing system is modular built with standardized components. That makes the dispensing cell very interesting in price. Sonderhoff offers it as an entry-level machine for frequent standard applications with the FIP (Formed In-Place) technology for foam sealing, gluing and potting.

The new 3E dispensing cell from Sonderhoff – named for being Economic, Efficient, and Ecological – represents a mixing and dosing system solution for all users who are looking for a compact machine construction for frequent standard applications, but nevertheless do not want to compromise on control technology.

With the 3E the users get a compact dispensing cell with a very robust construction that requires only a small foot print and is therefore easy to integrate in existing production concepts. The outside dimensions of a fully equipped 3E are 4.2 m in width, 2.3 m in depth and 2.4 m in height. Because the 3E is built in a completely closed cell structure it does not need a safety fence which would require more space and costs. The manual lift door with integrated safety switch at the cell front gives access to the dosing area inside the machine and safely delimits the danger zone.

The 3E dispensing cell also perfectly fits in a 20’ container that enables only a single transport unit for a fast and short delivery. The CE-compliant 3E cell is prepared in such a way that it just needs to be set up at the destination location and connected to the main supply. As soon as water and compressed air are connected, and the material is prepared in the material pressure tanks, production can begin. 3E allows the operator to execute a wide variety of tasks easily and safely.

3E – Economic, Efficient and Ecological
The state of the art control technology of the 3E system ensures safe and precise production processing as well as high repeat accuracy of the mixing and dosing head. All the systems and operation parameters are pre-adjustable. The linear robot has a traversing range of 2.5 m in width, 1.25 m in depth and 0.25 m in height. The mixing head MK 425 with ecological high pressure water cleaning has an output rate between 0.5 g and 5.0 g per second, depending on material and mixing ratio. Experience has shown that this is the bandwidth which covers 80% of the current applications.
The easy-to-handle multifunctional mobile panel (6.5‘’) facilitates the teaching of the part for its contour dosing program. The 3Econtroll unit consists of 3 servo-drives combined in one controller, a safety controller for linear axes and a controller for the dosing machine.

Efficient part feeding
The 3E entry-level model from Sonderhoff comprises a 2-component, low-pressure, mixing and dosing system in semi-automatic operation for formed in-place (FIP) foam sealing, gluing and potting. FIP is the production standard for many industry sectors for applying polyurethane or silicone based two-component material directly onto the part, freely programmable and precise.
With the new optional 3E shuttle tables, alternating for the filling and the dosing position, the user gets a better workflow of the processed parts. For bigger parts the two tables can be connected to one large shuttle table.

3E – the all-round dispensing cell for standard applications
The demands on a fast processing time of large production volumes and fast cycle times of the processed parts are only topped by today’s requirements of a very high accuracy in the shortest possible time. Also required are flexible systems with the shortest possible set-up and programming time for new products and component changes in geometry, size and number of units. All of this can be fulfilled by the 3E dispensing cell for multiple uses, with an attractive price, a ready-made construction for immediate production as well as a time and cost saving work preparation process.