Material Pressure Tank





Different Animation to our material pressure tanks


Animation of material pressure tanks


Material evacuation with thin layer process:


Thermal sleeve for material pressure tanks


Material air loading with the thin layer process



  • Material pressure tank with capacitive minimum fill-level sensors, safety pressure valve (TÜV type-tested), overfill protection (only in conjunction with the use of a refilling station) and shut-off ball valve, with compressed air fittings and compressed air reducing valves for pre-pressure regulation of the tank pressures
  • Material pressure tank, single-walled, galvanized steel with 24 l or 44 l capacity
  • Material pressure tank, single-walled, chrome-nickel steel with 24 l or 44 l capacity
  • Material pressure tank, double-walled, chrome-nickel steel with 24 l, 44 l or 90 l capacity
  • Wire mesh filter cartridges and plate gap filters
  • Three-phase agitator turning at 22 rpm, or alternatively at 99 rpm
  • Electric heating for single-walled containers
  • Temperature control for double-walled containers
  • Automatic air loading
  • Manual evacuation
  • Preparation for the control of an automatic refilling device
  • Material supply through refilling stations for containers from 20 to 1,000 liters
  • Recirculation hose package
  • Electric heated hoses with steel-reinforced Teflon high-pressure hose core
  • Double-walled medium heating hose with Teflon high-pressure hose core
  • Container platform: Galvanized grating, with adjustable leveling feet and drip tray, standing separately
  • Platform incl. material pressure tank (per component): B x H x D 625 x 1,500 x 860 mm, approx. 85 kg

Double-walled material pressure tank                                                            Double-walled material pressure tank
in cross-section with view of air                                                                     with temperature control unit
loading and agitator                                                                                        for heating and cooling the material


Single-walled material pressure tank                                                              Single-walled material pressure tank         
without heating jacket                                                                                     with heating jacket