MP 2 Mobile Panel and CONTROL 2 Multi-touch Operating Panel

The mixing and dosing systems of the DM 50x series are designed in such a way that you – as the operator – can easily and safely fulfill a wide variety of tasks. The multifunctional MP 2 Mobile Panel (WXGA TFT) with 10.1 inch touchscreen and the new CONTROL 3 multi-touch operating panel, which has been increased in size to 21.5 inches, are available for operating the dosing machine.

They continuously provide information on the performance status of the system and the process data that have been recorded. Use of the MP 2 Mobile Panel makes it significantly easier to program the dosing of component contours. The pre-adjustability and regulation of all machine and process parameters ensures the fully automatic production sequence of the mixing and dosing machine. The automatic logging of all system, material and process data ensures the transparency of the previous production sequence at any time.




  • Multifunctional Mobile Panel MP 2 with integrated 10.1" single-touch touchscreen (WXGA TFT – 1,280 x 800 pixels)
  • Optional CONTROL 2 multi-touch operating panel, free-standing, on rollers, with display elements and control keys, visualization by means of multi-touch touchscreen (full HD, 1,920 x 1,048 pixels)
  • Intuitive operation with programmable keys, function keys and touch keys
  • Selection for Setup / Stand-by / Manual / Automatic operating mode
  • Recipe management
  • Operator password protection selectable on 4 levels
  • Programmable pot life monitoring and dosing quantity preselection, as well as automatic rinsing and material conditioning (air loading, stirring, etc.)
  • Clock timer with automatic switch-on
  • Display language switching for MP 2 and CONTROL 2: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (other languages possible)

Various possible uses of the control panel

Optional CONTROL 2 multi-touch operating panel, free-standing, mounted on rollers or swiveling laterally on an arm, with display elements and control keys, visualization via 21.5" touchscreen