Optional shuttle table for the 3E PUR, SIL and FLEX


As an option for the SONDERHOFF 3E dosing cells, the processing parts can also be loaded on an attachable shuttle / sliding table by manually moving the mounting plates, which are made of coated multiplex. With this solution, a machine operator loads the two mounting plates with parts in alternation. The parts are positioned in workpiece fixtures that are fastened to the mounting plates.

The machine operator pushes the mounting plates into the work area of the dosing cell and closes the manual lifting door (3E PUR and 3E SIL) or the high-speed door (3E FLEX). He then starts the dispensing process.



Position, screw on, fine-adjust.


Screw on


Alternating shuttle mode


The machine operator positions the parts on the prepared workpiece fixtures fastened on the mounting plates, while in the 3E PUR or 3E SIL dosing cell, with the manual lifting door closed, the CNC-controlled mixing head applies sealing material to the parts positioned on the other sliding table.


After the dispensing application, the machine operator opens the manual lifting door (3E PUR and 3E SIL) or the automatic high-speed door (3E FLEX) and pulls the sliding table with the finished parts out of the working area for removal.



Sliding table with connected mounting plates for oversized parts


For material application on oversized parts, the two mounting plates can be connected to form a single large sliding table.



The two mounting plates are connected by couplers to form one large sliding table.



In order to be able to produce oversized parts with a maximum dimension of 2,500 x 1,250 x 250 mm (x/y/z), the two sliding table plates are joined together to form one large mounting plate.


Linear robot:

  • Max. travel speed: 15 m/min
  • Max. acceleration: 2 m/s²
  • Repeat accuracy: +/-1 mm 
  • Travel range x/y/z: 2.500 x 1.250 x 250 mm