Description of the MK 825 BASIC





  • Direct stack injection of the components

  • Electronically adjustable stirrer speed

  • Special stirrer design enables gentle material mixing

  • Blowing air needle valve for drying the mixing system

  • Low-drip, low-maintenance nozzle shut-off system STOP-DROP DVS 3

  • Simple stroke adjustment by means of an adjusting wheel

  • Material pressure measurement at the dosing valve

  • 2-component mixing head with high-pressure water rinsing and dynamic mixing of liquid to highly viscous polymeric reaction materials for foam gasketing, bonding and potting

  • High-pressure water rinsing for ecological cleaning of the mixing chamber

  • Alternative: rinsing with A-component 

  • Hydromechanically controlled precision valves for precise dosing

  • Weight-reduced construction of a modular design, blue-gray anodized

  • Robust and maintenance-free design made of high-strength aluminum alloy and chrome steel









Dimensions (H x W x D) 2K mixing head

248 x 237 x 151 mm

Operating pressure

up to approx. 20 bar

Discharge rate

0,2 to 3,0 g/s

Dosing accuracy

±1 %

Mixing head weight

approx. 5.5 kg

Mixing ratio

infinitely adjustable from 10:1 to 1:2

Selectable mixer speed

infinitely adjustable from 1 - 4,500 rpm

Viscosity processing range

Material component A: 1,000 - 100,000 mPas (*) Material component B: 200 - 1,000 mPas (*)

* Depending on the mixing ratios, material viscosities and the selection of pumps, hoses and mixing elements.