Keep sensors safe and secure with foam seals or potting

Sensors have become elementary components of modern vehicles and form the basis for the operation of numerous active and passive safety systems. They are, so to speak, the “sensory organs” of the vehicle, and thus an essential component of electronic control systems.

Here, they have the task of measuring physical or chemical quantities and converting them into electrical signals.

In recent years, the variety of sensors has grown explosively. Especially in the realm of safety and comfort electronics, many new sensor types have arrived, such as position sensors (also called road or angle sensors), rpm and speed sensors, acceleration sensors, pressure, temperature and gas sensors and sensors for engine control.

The perfect protection for your sensors

If you're talking sensor protection, of, for example, ultrasound distance sensors for parking aids in cars, our customers are happy to count on the silicone foam SONDERHOFF FERMASIL or cast resin SONDERHOFF FERMADUR.

Ultrasound sensors work based on the echo-sounding principle used by animals like bats for orientation. The sensors emit short ultrasound impulses which are reflected by obstacles. The echo signals are registered by the sensors and analysed by a central control device.

The product properties of the silicone foam SONDERHOFF FERMASIL and the cast resin SONDERHOFF FERMADUR, used for such tasks, make a vital contribution to high-performance system solutions and to the reliable functioning of sensors, as does the high-precision processing provided by fully automated SONDERHOFF Mixing and dosing systems .