Sonderhoff at the Lamiera

15. - 18.05.2019 in Milan

In 2017, the LAMIERA - Metalworking Exhibition in Milan, Italy, served 351 trade fair exhibitors as a forum to introduce their company, their products and services.

With a total net area of 18,239 square meters, the LAMIERA fair is aimed at the following groups of visitors every two years: trade visitors.

Around 16,260 visitors came to the LAMIERA fair in 2017. The central exhibition areas at the LAMIERA fair include: sheet metal machines, equipment and equipment. Raw materials, intermediate processes (cutting, compression molding, bending, profiling, leveling, welding, cutting, assembly, surface and heat treatment). Pipes and mold steel. Measuring and testing technology. Tool. Workshop equipment. EDP, hardware and software. Services.