Mixing head traversing unit

2-axis MKVE traversing unit for the precise positioning of mixing heads to different positions for the application of polymeric reactive materials – optionally with electric or pneumatic drive.


  • Operation, programming, visualization and control by means of a dialog input in menu technology with the multifunctional MP 2 Mobile Panel for the dosing system and robots
  • Pneumatically driven X-axis with three positions, Z-axis with two positions, mounted on robust aluminum plates
  • Combinable drive types (pneumatic or electric), end position corresponds to working position
  • Electric axes with regulated servo drives for any programmable working positions
  • Control by means of the IPC control system of the mixing and dosing system
  • Versatile attachment options, usually to a mounting column made of steel profile tube
  • Guide carriage with low-wear linear bearings
  • Energy guiding chains for all size variants to accommodate all pneumatic, electric and hydraulic lines


Payload:  20 kg
Robust aluminum plates (supports for the MKVE): anodized black (color similar to RAL 9005)
Electrical system Design according to EN 60 204-1
Power supply 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, 60 Hz or country-specific adaptation
Rated power approx. 2 kVA
Average consumption approx. 1 kVA
Pneumatic connected load 6 – 7 bar at approx. 400 l/min



  • Pneumatic drive with double-stroke piston and three adjustable stop dampers for fixing the rinsing, filling shot and dosing position
  • Z-axis module, stroke 150 mm, lower layer with stop damper
  • Max. travel speed: approx. 24 m/min
  • Max. acceleration: approx. 1 m/s²
  •  Repeat accuracy: ±0.15 mm



  • AC servo drives on the axes, spindle drive on the X and Z axis
  • Max. travel speed: approx. 37 m/min
  •  Max. acceleration: approx. 2 m/s²
  • Repeat accuracy: ±0.1 mm



  • 600 x 150 mm (x/z)
  • 800 x 150 mm (x/z)
  • 1,000 x 150 mm (x/z)



  • Leveling plate
  • Vertical column with floor anchorage
  • Multi-touch operating panel CONTROL 3
  • Mixing head swivel device X-axis direction 30°
  • Mixing head swivel device Y-axis direction 10%
  • Manual Z-axis, stroke max. 150 mm
  • Special sizes on request