...low flammability foam seals for indoor and outdoor use


The SONDERHOFF FERMAPOR K31 foam seals with flame protection fulfil the highest US fire safety prescriptions according to UL 94 HF-1 by the independent organisation Underwriter Laboratories. This means that foam seals with flame protection are self-extinguishing when exposed to flame. Burning sealing material, which could still cause a fire, does not drip off; the fire goes out.

The low flammability FSONDERHOFF FERMAPOR K31 foam seals are used both indoors and out, where the strict US fire protection stipulations for

the sealing of metal switch cabinets and electronics housing are in force.

SONDERHOFF FERMAPOR K31 polyurethane foam seals with flame protection are also of use in many other situations, for example, in the automotive, household appliances, lighting and packaging industries, where strict flame protection is also prescribed.

The characteristics of SONDERHOFF FERMAPOR K31 flame protection systems have several advantages for you:


  • SONDERHOFF FERMAPOR K31 with fire protection fulfils US fire protection norm UL 94 HF-1.
  • High flame protection (self-extinguishing without burning drips)
  • Fulfil US testing norms UL 50E for switch cabinets and electronics housing and UL 508 for the safety of electrical switching devices
  • Protection from the effects of weather: Dust and rain, spray and jet water
  • Well suited to indoor and outdoor use
  • Good elastic recovery of 95%, tested in accordance with DIN EN 1856
  • Very good adhesion to most powder coatings, as on other substrates given the correct prior treatment
  • Fully automated and rapid application of the polyurethane foam seal, with seamless join