Sonderhoff: Solution3 – only your requirements matter

Sonderhoff is the system supplier for polymer sealing and potting systems and your expert for the FIPFG manufacturing process. Here you get the chemistry specific to your application and dispensing technology tuned to your process, all in the same package – designed and produced by us!

Sonderhoff – Worldwide Turnkey Sealing Solutions

The Sonderhoff system links chemical/technical excellence with creative engineering power in the realm of foam seals, glues and potting. 

The knowledge we have gathered as the fruits of over more than 50 years’ hard work, a treasure-trove of more than 1,000 recipes and the innovative energy of an enterprise group active on an international level, are the guarantee for our high level of customer orientation, tailor-made products and market conscious solutions – also in your industry!

Since July 2017, the Sonderhoff Group has been part of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA.

Perfect protection
against liquids

Sonderhoff: System 3 = Competence3

As a leading company for customised sealing solutions, Sonderhoff provides its customers with a great depth of patented knowledge and experience from a wide variety of realised applications. Across all levels, on a wide range of materials and geometries. Always of the very best quality. Precisely sealed. So that humidity, dust & co. stay outside. Through the interplay of our well-engineered machine construction concepts and our individually adjustable material formulae, we offer you unique opportunities to optimise your processes.

Complementary to FIPFG technology we offer you all the accompanying services for your product realisation, from the finishing of prototypes and sample parts, through small production runs right up to continuous volume production.

What can we do for you?

Perfect protection from
dirt, sand and environmental factors

The first step to a perfect solution.

Every industry has special requirements that have to be met by their partners, day after day, product for product.

The first step towards customer satisfaction is to understand the customer’s requirements. We therefore listen very carefully when a customer is explaining new tasks.

Our systematically acquired knowledge and the creative innovation of our group are your guarantee for optimal customer focus, tailor-made products and market-driven solutions.

Perfect protection from
wind and weather


– at home in every market

Over 300 million seals are produced yearly using Sonderhoff products. This takes place in over 50 countries around the globe. Today, we have 255 employees in total worldwide. We have companies in Germany, Austria, Italy, the USA and China, and are represented in all important markets.


Concentrating on core competency

– Sealing foams, adhesion and potting to the highest precision

We are the system-supplier for polymer sealing, gluing and potting solutions based on polyurethane, silicone and PVC. The innovative ideas of many minds – from material development to system manufacture, from automation to job order production – all under the same roof. Definitely the best foundation for implementing your ideas.


More than 50 years’ experience and continuity

– Good things come to those who wait!

2008 marked the 50th anniversary of the day on which a family business came into being, and progressed from being a pioneer to being the leading specialist in the FIPFG (Formed-in-Place Foam Gasket) industry, thanks to persistence, hard work and courage.