Good prospects for new growth

Sonderhoff (Suzhou) Sealing Systems Co. Ltd., now part of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, is a leading supplier of formed in-place (FIP) sealing technology in China. At the Chinaplas 2018, the system supplier of machines, materials and process automation will present its range of products and services in hall 2H / booth 2J85. Industrial customers in China receive a broad selection of high-performance 2-component foam sealing, gluing and potting systems based on polyurethane or silicone. For the automated FIP material application, customers use the 2- and multi-component mixing and dosing systems from Sonderhoff. The company has laid the foundation for further growth with its own polyurethane material production in Suzhou and the expansion of contract manufacturing for the foam sealing, gluing and potting of customer components. Its spectrum ranges from individual sampling of prototypes to small series up to serial production.

Sonderhoff (Suzhou) Sealing Systems Co. Ltd. is located in the Singapore Industrial Park (SIP), Suzhou, conveniently located not far from the center of Shanghai. The company has developed very well in the Chinese market since its founding in 2009 as a specialist in formed in-place (FIP) sealing technology. With the takeover of Sonderhoff by Henkel half a year ago, the prospects for further growth have improved even further.

The wide range of product, exhibited by Sonderhoff (Suzhou) Sealing Systems at Chinaplas 2018 in hall 2H / booth 2J85, includes: 2- / multi-component mixing and dosing systems for partially or fully automated material application as well as foam seals, adhesives and casting resins based on polyurethane or silicone. Customers from very different industries receive customized solutions from Sonderhoff for sealing, gluing and potting of industrial components. The application spectrum ranges from control cabinet construction, electronics, automotive, filters, lighting, photovoltaic and packaging to home appliances.

Thanks to its own polyurethane material production for foam gaskets, adhesives and potting, Sonderhoff can plan very flexibly and deliver it to customers in China at short notice. This makes independent of long import delivery times and strengthens the company's competitive position.

A team of specialists takes over technical services as well as machine maintenance and spare parts supply for the customers.

In addition, contract manufacturing by Sonderhoff (Suzhou) Sealing Systems is responsible for foam sealing, gluing and potting the components of customers from various industries. The material application with the Sonderhoff systems, for example, also takes place on complex, three-dimensional components and in very narrow groove geometries. At the Suzhou site, Sonderhoff carries out individual prototype and pilot applications as well as small and large-scale production. Due to a continuous increase in orders, new Sonderhoff machines have recently been put into operation.

The system concept from Sonderhoff, which offers material, machine and process automation from a single source, remains crucial for success, not only in China. The company combines chemical competence with creative engineering and process know-how to create an individual overall solution for the customer.