...meet the hygiene requirements according to DIN EN ISO 846 for air conditioners 


The Institute for Air Hygiene (Ruhrgebiet/Ruhr Area) has tested the FERMAPOR K31- A-7550-1-F + K31-B-4 (4:1) 2-component foam sealing system and confirmed their resistance to fungi and bacteria according to DIN EN ISO 846 (determination of the effect of micro-organisms on plastic).

The FERMAPOR K31- A-7550-1-F polyurethane foam gasket meets the requirements for microbial inertness and is suitable for use in air conditioners. It protects the seals of air-conditioning components for air flow, such as ventilation grilles, air filters, atomisers and access systems, efficient against attack from allergenic and bacterial micro-organisms.


The advantages of FERMAPOR K31 foam sealing systems with microbial inertness for sealing air filters in air conditioning systems:


  • Zero-leak mounting of air filters in filter frames, ensuring no unfiltered air gets past the filter
  • Microbial inertness
  • Resistant to fungi and bacteria in accordance with DIN EN ISO 846
  • No release of harmful emissions and odours
  • Chemical resistance to cleaning and disinfecting materials
  • High resistance to tearing and low water absorption


Air filters employed in air-conditioning units are sealed by using FERMAPOR K31 MICROBIAL INERT. The special additives in the sealing recipe ensure protection against harmful micro-organisms, bacteria, and molds, which could otherwise, with the wrong room climate and high temperatures, colonize the seals.