Our material systems – here, chemistry’s in charge!

Our own research and development departments work daily to discover new and compositionally improved material systems. The choice of raw materials is an important factor here. At the moment we are researching new material systems for the applications of the future.

Where necessary and possible we replace existing raw materials with sustainable and environmentally friendly ones.

Individual customer specifications are converted into tailor-made products. Clients can choose the best solution from more than 1000 recipes for sealing, gluing and potting their parts. If the customer desires it we will also create a special formula.

We create 2-component material systems of polyurethane and silicone for soft foam seals and 1-component PVC plastisols for the production of flexible, closed-cell foam seals. We are also producers of polyurethane and silicone potting systems such as polyurethane-based glues for a multiplicity of applications. With our foam sealing, gluing and potting products your parts get the best possible protection from damp, dust, temperature, chemicals, oils, fats or other media. At the same time they help to dampen sound and vibrations.

The material systems are applied directly onto injection-moulded or metal parts by formed-in-place sealing technology using Sonderhoff mixing and dispensing systems, and cure there at room temperature.


The six basic types of material:

Individual customisation of characteristics

Individual customer specifications are converted into tailor-made products. In a foam seal, adjustable parameters modulate physical and chemical characteristics such as: viscosity, hardness, density, tensile strength, elongation at break, recovery capacity, water absorption, temperature resistance and width/height ratio of the foam.

Clients can choose the best solution from more than 1000 recipes for sealing, gluing and potting their parts. If the customer desires it we will also create a special formula. Our application technologists with the specialist knowledge and long years of experience will give you expert answers to your queries about the choice of the right material system and the perfect sealing solution for your components.




Special properties for special requirements

We offer you a wide spectrum of different product properties suited to the varying usage conditions and quality requirements of your components. The FERMAPOR® K31 foam sealing systems are characterised by a very broad profile of properties for the most varied part applications.



The very rapidly reacting polyurethane-based foam seals FERMAPOR® K31 FAST-CURE allow an early start to further processing and final construction thanks to their very low tack-free times of 2-3 minutes, and are especially useful for rapid cycle times.

Special fast-cure foam seals from Sonderhoff meet the house technical requirements of manufacturers within the automotive industry, from the Daimler DBL 5452-13 through the VW standard TL848 to Chrysler / Fiat standard MY 560.



FERMAPOR® K31 LOW-EMISSION foam seals achieve the target values for VOC emissions of 100 µg and for fogging behaviour of 250 µg per gram of polyurethane in accordance with DBL 5452-13 (Daimler).

Other automotive manufacturers have similar target values for fogging behaviour, thermodesorption (VOC) and formaldehyde emission, which are also reached by FERMAPOR® K31 LOW-EMISSION: GMW 15634, GMW 60326, GMW 3235-B and GMW 60271 (GM/Opel), PA-C 325 (BMW) and VW 50180, PV 3925 and PV 3015 (VW/Audi).


FERMAPOR® K31 Antimicrobial

The polyurethane-based foam seals FERMAPOR® K31 with antimicrobial protection fulfil the hygiene demands for air-conditioning systems and devices in accordance with VDI 6022 (testing for microbial metabolisation ability, sheet 1 (04/2006)).

They possess high resistance to fungi and bacteria in accordance with DIN EN ISO 846 (determining the effect of micro-organisms on plastics)


FERMAPOR® K31 Flame protection

The FERMAPOR® K31 foam seals with flame protection fulfil the highest US fire safety prescriptions according to UL 94 HF-1 by independent organisation Underwriter Laboratories. This means that foam seals with flame protection are self-extinguishing when exposed to flame. Burning sealing material, which could still cause a fire, does not drip off; the fire goes out.



The polyurethane foam seal FERMAPOR® K31-A-6505-1-N-FD conforms to the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are considered the recognised standards for food packaging worldwide.

FDA-approved polyurethane foam is suitable as a lid seal for direct contact with aqueous, acidic, alcoholic, fat-containing and dry foodstuffs in plastic packaging. At the same time, FERMAPOR® K31-A-6505-1-N-FD polyurethane foam is approved according to EU regulation No. 10/2011. And thus fulfils the requirements under §§30 and 31 of section 1 of the German food and fodder laws (LFGB), as determined by the guidelines laid down by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)


Reaction materials for the highest quality requirements

For the production of sealing, gluing and potting systems that fulfil legal quality and safety prescriptions, our material production makes use of a modern and powerful fleet of machines. No product is delivered to our customer that hasn’t been tested several times by our quality controllers.

Our material systems for automotive manufacture fulfil ISO/TS 16949, which comprises the general requirements and norms of the automotive industry.

We are certified to the current EN ISO 9001:2008 and according to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001 – for us, the basis for a comprehensive quality management system. All employees work continuously to improve our quality, service and safety.