With SONDERHOFF GEKO SPIDER, HENKEL offers a self-adhesive polyurethane foam seal that can be applied to your component quickly and easily.


Ihre Vorteile:

  • ideally suited for sealing industrial components
  • has excellent long-term behavior
  • almost 100% resilience even after years of continuous use
  • Easily compensate for component tolerances
  • extremely stable against influences such as moisture, dust and temperature
  • reliable adhesion to LSE (Low Surface Energy) surfaces
  • Can be used immediately after assembly
  • suitable for heavily used applications


Available on a roll

Compared to the liquid seals automatically applied by SONDERHOFF, the SONDERHOFF GEKO SPIDER self-adhesive polyurethane seals do not require a SONDERHOFF mixing and dosing machine.

The self-adhesive seal is supplied in the following two sizes on a roll, from which you can conveniently cut the required seal length.

  • approx. 9x5 mm
  • approx. 14x8 mm

(Dimensions can vary up to 2 mm in width)