The new DM 502 / DM 503 / DM 504

The new generation of dosing machines for maximum process stability and maximum reliability


The sensors installed in the DM 502 dosing machine and the MK 825 PRO mixing head, for example, measure a wide range of data for the seamless monitoring of and compliance with critical process parameters, e.g. temperature, degree of air loading, sensor-monitored axial position of the agitator shaft, automatic control of stroke adjustment in the nozzle shut-off system DVS 3 and sensor-monitored needle positioning of the dosing valve.

This provides the machine operator with a comprehensive database on the entire FIP (Formed-In-Place) application process. This enables fast and precise data analysis for optimized process evaluation and control, as well as predictive monitoring of the material application processes and the preventive maintenance of wearing parts.

In addition to improved evaluation options, the new mixing head achieves outstanding dosing and process quality for even better results. In order to ensure an optimal application process at all times and higher machine availability, important machine parameters can be made measurable by integrated sensors on the new DM 502 dosing machine and the MK 825 PRO mixing head.

This makes the DM 50x machine generation the modular and flexibly configurable platform for implementing individual and simultaneously efficient, highly productive, highly reliable and correspondingly economical manufacturing solutions for simple to complex requirements.

The new DM 50x - an Overview

Automated System Solutions for Advanced Material Dosing


In order to optimally design a manufacturing process, component processing, automation and control must be optimally coordinated with one another. This requires a lot of experience and the highest level of precision in detail.


Mixing and Dosing

A machine concept is only as good as the components used. A control system can be as precise as you want it to be. However, the components must be able to implement the target values. For example, the material pressure-stabilizing recirculation system, a sophisticated mixing head cooling system, temperature-controlled, double-walled material tanks and the automatic calibration of the NOZZLE-CONTROL dosing nozzle. The quality of the machine components installed therefore determines the production quality level that can be achieved.



Control and Monitoring

Our requirement is for a control system that not only acts when it receives a command, but also continuously collects data itself, evaluates it prognostically and proactively readjusts the production parameters accordingly.

Numerous sensors are installed for this purpose, which continuously supply measurement data on the crucial influencing factors of the production process. The smallest changes are therefore not only documented, but above all form the basis for simultaneous forecast calculations that allow countermeasures to be taken before the specified tolerance limits are exceeded.


Moving and Automating

Just like the machine components, all movement components must be able to precisely implement the control commands – and reliably repeat the movement sequences over and over again. On the one hand, this involves the movement of the mixing head above the component or under a fixed mixing head nozzle, and on the other hand the automation of the component feed and removal process. Coordination of the movement sequences of the component and the mixing head is an art in itself and therefore at the same time the second crucial pillar of a production process with a reliable degree of repeat accuracy.


Technical service

The productivity of a machine is significantly determined by its reliable availability. This is why we ensure the intelligent minimization of error-related downtimes and maintenance- related production interruptions.

Our service package includes the interplay of a proactive inhouse service offering, for example by means of risk analyses, as well as an experienced and skilled on-site service offering and a quick response online service – in other words: Remote Collaboration. With this we support you with the reliable planning and execution of your production processes, as well as predictive maintenance.