Engine compartment sealing – seals for extreme conditions

The internal combustion engine is still the most important and most widespread source of power in cars. It burns a fuel-air mix and converts chemical energy into thermal energy (heat) and potential energy (pressure) and thence into mechanical energy (torque).

It is becoming more and more apparent, however, that alternative power sources are gaining in importance. Prominent among these are electric motors or hybrid drives, in which an electric motor is combined with an internal combustion engine.

But whatever the actual type of motor, these are the paramount demands placed on today’s and tomorrow's models:

  • High efficiency (optimal power in/power out ratio)
  • Low consumption
  • Very low or non-existent pollutant emissions
  • Long life and high operational safety

SONDERHOFF seals protect the sensitive parts of the engine compartment

So that the engine can continue to provide faultless power even under constant load, many parts in the engine compartment must be protected from the extreme conditions that exist there. These could be timing belt housing, air filter compartments, engine compartment divisions, end wall parts for soundproofing or other engine compartment parts.

Again, it is mainly temperature, water spray or oil and lubricants that can impair the low-friction functioning of mechanical and sensitive electronic parts.

For the engine compartment, therefore, it is mainly SONDERHOFF FERMASIL silicone foam sealants that are considered. They are perfectly suited both for high temperature environments and for contact with fuel, oil, coolants and brake fluids. They possess high chemical resistance.