World novelty: Formed-In-Place Closed-Cell Technology


The new FIP CC technology (Formed-In-Place Closed-Cell) combines the high water resistance of the silicone world with the attractive material costs of the polyurethane world.

Is FERMAPOR® CC thus the better silicone? That depends on the application. Silicone remains unsurpassed in its temperature resistance. But if the temperature range of -40° to +80°C is adequate and the decisive factor is the absorption of water, then FERMAPOR® CC is a very attractively priced alternative.

We will be happy to provide you with samplings for comparison with other closed-cell liquid sealing systems.

FERMAPOR® CC fills the gap between high-priced closed-cell material systems and inexpensive, mixed-cell systems.

The “closed cell” technology


The FERMAPOR® CC material system and the advanced FIPFG process offer a technology which, due to its increased cost-effectiveness, opens up new fields of application for automated sealing foams.

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