The sealing for metal barrel and packaging lids

FERMAPOR® DD980 is the brand name for single-component PVC plastisol by Sonderhoff Chemicals for the production of heat-curing, soft-elastic foam seals.

Sonderhoff has formulated FERMAPOR® DD980 for various packaging demands. The characteristics requested by the customer are converted into tailor-made product recipes.

The application process

FERMAPOR® DD980 systems are processed using single-component dispensing systems usual on the market. The fluid PVC plastisol is applied into the groove of metal lids for drums or buckets as well as for sealing metal jagged lids. After a short heat-curing in a specially designed continuous furnace the plastisol foams up and thickens.

The duration spent in the furnace is usually about 2 to 15 minutes. The oven temperatures range from 170 to 240°C. The result is a seamless, closed-cell PVC soft foam seal on the metal lid, which can already be installed after a short cooling period.


The foaming process

Material application:

FERMAPOR® DD980 PVC plastisol is applied to the lid groove through the application nozzle of a single-component dispensing system.

Foaming time in the curing furnace:

FERMAPOR® DD980 PVC plastisol foams and sets into a thermoplastic at temperatures from 170 to 240°C. The duration in the furnace ranges from approx. 2 to 15 minutes, depending on the temperature.


After cooling of the FERMAPOR® DD980 soft foam seal in the lid groove, the lids can be used immediately.

Broad range of properties

FERMAPOR® DD980 systems possess a high resistance to chemicals such as solvents, coolants and cleaning materials, alcohols, petrol, hydrochloric and nitric acid and ammonia gas. In addition, they are characterised by minimal water absorption of < 1% in an uncompressed condition.

Suitable for the sealing of food packaging

Our phthalate-free FERMAPOR® DD980 PVC plastisol is approved for food packaging by EU regulation No. 10/2011. Therewith it also meets the requirements of the German LFGB (according to §§ 30 and 31 part 1 of the food and fodder laws), judged by the guidelines laid down by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). Phthalate-free FERMAPOR® DD980 PVC plastisol can be used in direct contact with liquid, acidic, fat-containing and dry foodstuffs.

Property FERMAPOR® DD980
Appearance beige, white or red
Hardness from 12-55 Shore A to 50-90 Shore 00
Viscosity from 800 mPa·s to 7,500 mPa·s
Density from 0.35 to 0.90 g/cm³
Tensile strength from 800 to 900 kPa
Elongation at break approx. 150%
Temperature resistance from -10° C to +60° C
Water absorption until < 1 % 
Other properties Good resistance to many chemicals and solvents, can be processed directly after cooling

FERMAPOR® DD980 – a great variety of applications*

The FERMAPOR® DD980 range provides effective seal protection for a wide variety of applications and requirements. In the table you will find a selection of PVC foam sealing systems for various applications in the packaging industry.

FERMAPOR® DD980 Colour Viscosity
Shore A
Further properties*
7165 white 2,000 - 3,500 25 - 33 0.55 - 0.61 Standard material
6448-A-R red 3,000 - 5,500 13 - 21 0.38 - 0.48 Very good adhesion; optimal resistance to various solvents 
6646-A-R red 2,000 - 3,500 16 - 24 0.40 - 0.50 Very good adhesion 
6665 beige 2,500 - 4,000 20 - 30 0.54 - 0.60 Very good adhesion; optimal resistance to various solvents 
6051 beige 2,500 - 4,000 15 - 20 0.40 - 0.50 Optimal resistance to various solvents 
8597 beige 2,500 - 4,000 45 - 55 0.80 - 0.86 Standard material
VP-0407-FA white 800 -
30 - 40 0.55 - 0.63 Phthalate-free; suitable for food packaging in accordance with EU10/2011 
7962-FA white 5,000 - 7,500 20 - 30 0.60 - 0.68 Phthalate-free; suitable for food packaging in accordance with EU10/2011 

*The description of the possible fields of use of our products as well as the technical data and values only have a general character and do not mean that a certain product can be used under all conditions in the respective field of use. In this respect, the stated field of use is not a binding specification or stipulation for use.
Due to the great number of environmental variables and their influences (e.g. temperature, test specimens, size, interaction with substrates, influence of machines, or the like), as our customer you must check whether the product is suitable for your specific field of use. We will be pleased to assist and advise you in this respect.


Good reasons for using FERMAPOR® DD980 *

  • FERMAPOR® DD980 sealant systems for the sealing of metal packaging lids offer perfect protection against leakage and contamination, even after a fall, impact or vibration.
  • FERMAPOR® DD980 systems achieve the UN-approved impermeability requirements for the transport of goods.
  • Phthalate-free FERMAPOR® DD980 systems are also approved for food packaging in accordance with EU regulation No. 10/2011.
  • FERMAPOR® DD980 systems possess a high resistance to chemicals such as solvents, coolants and cleaning materials, alcohols, petrol, hydrochloric and nitric acid and ammonia gas.
  • FERMAPOR® DD980 systems have a very low water absorption of < 1%.
  • FERMAPOR® DD980 systems display excellent adhesion to inner-lacquered tin-plate, black plate and steel barrel and can lids.
  • FERMAPOR® DD980 systems are customisable to different hardness grades.
  • Owing to their very low density, FERMAPOR® DD980 systems are characterised by their great material economy and the concomitant weight and cost savings.