The hand-held DM 70

The mobile workstation for manual material application.

The DM 70 is a manual 1- / 2- component mixing and dosing system for sealing, glueing and potting of different types of components. The DM 70 precisely processes liquid, medium to high viscose media such as polyurethane, silicones, epoxy resins and other polymer reaction materials.

Simple processing

Sonderhoff has designed the DM 70 so that it is easy and safe for operators to fulfil their tasks. The system is run from a LCD operating panel with keypad control. The main outstanding feature of the devices is its non-recirculating system with continuous material dosing via precision-made geared pumps. The processed material is mixed by a static (MK 20) or dynamic (MK 50) mixing head. Another remarkable characteristic of the DM 50 and DM 70 is their compact design, which allows all components to be housed on a mobile chassis. The easy access to the machine permits the fast and trouble-free completion of service and maintenance work.

Guaranteed quality

The DM 70 processes the input materials with constantly high levels of consistency with regard to dimensional stability and production quality. The control system allows the user to store and monitor the main material-processing parameters, such as material reactivity. Variable control is also provided for the parameters affecting automatic rinsing or the automatic repeat-shot, the gauging and shot-time, material feed amount and mixing ratios.

Flexible today, flexible tomorrow

Sonderhoff system owners are already prepared for tomorrows tasks as Sonderhoff systems are able to handle different parts with new geometries and materials under changing circumstances. The DM 70 permits the manual application of a wide range of materials by using a hand pistole.

The futureoriented technology concept of the DM 70 offers the use of both MK 20 and MK 50 Sonderhoff precision mixing heads. Thanks to their modular design the DM 70 can be customized for almost any size or type of job – for instance as a mobile stand-alone system in manual operating mode.

2-component mixing head MK 50 with dynamic mixing
for liquid to highly viscous polymeric reaction materials.

Control concept
  • Modular-design contact-free control system; operating terminal with display elements integrated into switchgear cabinet, keypad with LED indicators, size of display screen: 4-lines with 20 characters each
  • EMERGENCY OFF function provided by master switch
  • Switchgear cabinet fixed on a mobile chassis
  • Programmable potlife monitoring system, shot and repeat-shot preselection, automatic rinsing and material conditioning
  • Spontaneous output-quantity adjustment by use of frequency converter
  • Monitoring of components pressure
  • Component working-pressure indicated by manometer
Drive technology
  • Turning-speed controlled spur wheel back-geared motor with revolution counter and adjustment by use of the operating display
  • Driving power: 0.55 kW
  • Drive-system running speed: 40 -260 rpm
    (optional with 15 – 260 rpm with separately driven fan)
Precision gear pumps (optional)
Size 0,1 / 0,12 / 0,25 / 0,3 / 0,52 / 0,6 / 1,0 / 1,2 / 2,0 / 3,0 / 4,0 / 6,0 / 8,0 / 12,0 / 16,0 / 20,0 ccm/R
Special pumps available on request
Hose Package
Length 3 m, with all electrical and pneumatic connection lines included
A-components Woven fibre-reinforced polyamide high-pressure hose
B-components Steel-reinforced teflon high-pressure hose
Compressed-air system
  • Compressed-air system with filter-pressure reducer and micron oiling system
  • Maintenance unit to control the pneumatically-operated items
Connection ratings
Electrical system according to DIN EN 40 439-1 and DIN EN 60 204-1
Electrical power supply 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, TT or TN network
Rated capacity approx. 4 kVA (basic configuration)
Average consumption approx. 2 kVA (basic configuration)
Compressed-air 100 – 550 l/min bei 6 – 7 bar

Tank and pump chassis:
W/H/D 850 x 1.300 x 1400 mm
Switchgear cabinet:
W/H/D 600 x 600 x 210 mm
Total weight:  approx. 400 kg
Chassis configured as shaped tubular-steel welded frame, supplied in RAL 5015 paint finis
Mixing ratio from 100 : 5 to 1 : 1, infinitely variable
Output quantity  from 0,1 to 100,0 g/s, other output quantities are available on request
Viscosity processing range  from 100 to 2.000.000 mPas, other output quantities are available on request


  • Display languages available in English, German, French, Spanish or Italian
  • Wire identification
  • Operating hours counter
  • Adaptable to different power-supply ratings (60 Hz version)

Material preparation


  • Pressure container with capacitive minimum filling-level sensors and shut-off ball valve, with compressed-air fittings and compressed-air reducer valves for controlling of container pressures
  • Safety pressure valve, TÜV type-approved
  • 12 l pressure container, single-walled, galvanized
  • 24 l pressure container, single-walled, galvanized
  • 24 l pressure container, single-walled, chrome nickel steel
  • 44 l pressure container, single-walled, chrome nickel steel
  • 44 l pressure container, double-walled, chrome nickel steel
  • 90 l pressure container, double-walled, chrome nickel steel
  • 19 l tank for cleansing agent, with safety valve and minimum-level monitoring
  • Wire-mesh filter cartridges and plate disc filter
  • Rotary current mixer: 22 rpm
  • Electrical heating for single-walled containers
  • Temperature control for double-walled containers
  • Heating-system control for double-walled containers
  • Manual nucleation mechanism
  • Manual vacuum degassing
  • Prepared to control an automatic refilling station
  • Single- or double - RAM-presses for 20 to 200 l drums

Quality assurance

  • Maintenance unit for monitoring of compressed-air supply
  • Additional monitoring of component operating pressure
  • Additional quality assurance devices are adaptable according to customer requirements

Hose Package

  • Electrical heating hoses with steel-reinforced teflon high-pressure hose core
  • Length: up to 10 m (depending on application)
  • Double-walled medium-heating hose with teflon high-pressure hose core

Mixing head types

  • 1K – application valve
  • MK 20 with feed lines and static mixing
  • MK 50 with feed lines and dynamic mixing (rinsing is carried out, in automatic or manual operating mode, by use of a chemical cleansing agent)


  • Rinsing and filling shot container
  • Spare-part packages
  • Freestanding gallow with balancer for manual application
  • Adjustable with a third plug-in component
  • Interface for connection of external components
  • Compressed-air dryer MDK 6
  • Transport, set-up and instruction