DM 402 / DM 403 / DM 404

Often copied, never equalled!

The DM 402/403/404 is a 2+ component, high-power, low-pressure mixing and dispensing system for use in fully and partly automated production for the foam sealing, gluing and potting of a range of different parts. With these systems, based on the FIPFG technology, fluid, medium- and high-viscosity plastics such as polyurethane, silicone, epoxy resin or other polymer materials are exactly processed. In the DM 404 the control is designed towards 4-component processing and represented accordingly in the operating panel. The valve for the fourth material component is manually attached to the mixing head.

Modular construction, innovative technology and reliable operation are the guarantees for a return on your investment. The 40x series can be incorporated as well into demanding inline production, with the highest requirements for reproducibility, as into job order production environments with often changing parts and the most varied materials. The DM 40x inserts itself very reliably into the production process and is the sector benchmark as regards long service life.

Dynamics, speed, precision

Very reliable even at high speed

High acceleration, narrow turning circles and fluid movements over long contours – no problem for the linear robots LR-HEplus and LR-HD. The dynamic 3-axis linear robots are characterised with high rigidity and acceleration over a very large working area. They also need, in comparison to 6-axis robots, decidedly less space, and present a fluid motion – essential for the even and contoured application of polymer reagents.

The operation, programming and control is achieved via a menu dialogue input using a keyboard, the visualisation via the display in the central mixing and dispensing system control. Preferred areas for use are in applications with high material application speeds in conjunction with abrupt changes of direction.

Equipped for today and tomorrow

Great flexibility in equipment options for the most varied production concepts.

Whoever acquires a Sonderhoff system is already equipped today for tomorrow’s challenges, able to process the most varied parts with new geometries and materials, under perhaps thoroughly different conditions.

The 3-component version DM 403 and the 4-component version DM 404 allow the parallel processing of different materials. For example, switch cabinets with viewing windows need the doors foamed and the viewing glass glued, but the foam sealant and glue used need different hardeners.  

Wherever they end up, as part of a fully automated production line or as a stand-alone system, even with a portal type 3-axis robot (as seen in the picture opposite) or with the integration of one or more 6-axis robots for MOLD'N SEAL inline production, the DM 402/403/404 systems are able to be integrated in the every product concept on account of their numerous equipment options.

Quality on the highest level

The highest process safety and machine uptime

The automated recording of all set-up, system, material and process data ensures the full transparency of the process of production up to the present.

As an essential measure for the ensuring of a continually high machine uptime, the “Sonderhoff-SAFETY” safety package has been developed. It is based above all on the basic principles of preventive and planned maintenance.

Reproducibility is king

The LR-HD and LR-HE plus linear robots

The basic framework for the linear robots is made in steel profile beam construction, welded, lacquered with levelling feet and prepared for anchoring to the floor. The guidance system is equipped with maintenance-free, low-wear linear bearings for high loads. Torsionally stiff precision gears and couplings as well as highly dynamic AC servo and rack-and-pinion drives in the LR-HD linear robot ensure very even and smooth axis movements, without juddering and shivering.

In the LR-HEplus linear robot, all axes are moved evenly and smoothly by AC servo drives, Omega timing belt drive on the X and Y-axes and rack-and-pinion drive on the Z-axis. The contouring control is integrated into the central IPC of the mixing and dispensing system.

Clean and precise dispensing

“Stop-Drop DVS-3” high-pressure water rinsing and nozzle closer system

In the basic equipment of the mixing and dispensing system, the precision mixing head MK 400 is included; if desired the more sophisticated MK 600 precision mixing head can also be included.

Both mixing heads possess the Sonderhoff-developed high-pressure water rinsing of the mixing chamber. This highly efficient technology works with water alone, needing no solvents, and so offers both economic and ecological advantages.

The “LBM-3” nucleation measuring and regulation unit ensures repeat quality in the material components. Combined with pressure-regulated recirculation technology, precise component dispensing is achieved.

The “Stop-Drop DVS-3” nozzle closing system guarantees precisely defined output quantity and dimensional accuracy and also makes invisible join points possible.

Work and control in comfort

“Sonderhoff-CONTROL II” teach-in-box and operating surface

We designed the DM 402/403/404 so that you, as operator, could easily and safely fulfil the most varied tasks. Operation is achieved according to standard via the easily handled multifunctional “MOBILE PANEL” with integrated 6.5" touch screen. The programming of the dispensing programme for following the part contour in material application is thus made fundamentally easier.

It is made even more comfortable with the “Sonderhoff CONTROL II” optional extra 15" touch screen operating interface, which can be used in addition to the mobile panel. The fully automated production progress of the system is assured through the pre-programming and regulation of all system and process parameters.

The modular construction of the mixing and dispensing system allows easy access to the system, thus making for fast and easy completion of care and maintenance work.

Always close to the action

Real-time control and online remote diagnosis

Control of the DM 402/403/404 mixing and dispensing systems is based on the use of futuristic industry PC technologies, with the use of a real-time operation and bus system. This system has no mechanically wearing parts such as hard drives or fans. All system and programme data is kept on compact flash cards.

External devices can be networked and connectied without prior parameter setting by Plug & Play. Our service is available for you worldwide through the use of onboard and remote diagnosis via modem or TCP/IP.

Safe part input on a short cycle

Shuttle table in one or two-level design

The shuttle table of the DM 402/403/404 mixing and dispensing systems allows processing of parts on two feeder plates in shuttle operation. These are arranged either on a single plane (WT 1-Level) or placed one above the other (WT 2-Level), so that very short cycle times and continuous production can be ensured.

The construction of the table consists of a stable base frame including levelling feet, an attachment for floor anchoring and two movable aluminium tabletops with drill holes for the securing of workpieces or workpiece mounts.

The shuttle table allows a strict division between the robot danger area and the insertion area corresponding to the “Sonderhoff-SAFETY” safety concept.

Control concept
  • Self-explaining operator guide with interactive menu-based programming using soft keys, function keys and touchbuttons; multifunctional Mobile Panel with integrated 6,5“ touchscreen; optionally available: stand-alone operator panel with display elements and operating keys, visualization on a 15“ touchscreen
  • Modular “IPC“ control fitted in the electrical switch cabinet and Power-Link
  • EMERGENCY STOP deactivation; real-time bus system
  • Pluggable switch cabinet
  • Preselection of set-up / manual / standby / automatic modes
  • Recipe management
  • Operator password protection with four selectable levels
  • Data backup via USB stick, serial interface or LAN
  • Programmable potlife monitoring, dosing quantity preselection, automatic rinsing and material conditioning
  • Automatic and spontaneously available material feed adjustment by pressure control
  • Timer with automatic switch-on function
  • Monitoring of the component pressure using the digital display
  • Open periphery interface
  • Deactivation through safety door with interlocking (optional when order contains a safety fence)
  • Central control of additional periphery / automation possible
  • Data for operating system and system programs stored on Compact Flash h
Drive technology
Speed-controlled servo gear motor with speed display and adjustment through the display
  Pumps Mixing head
Drive performance 0,94 kW 0,94 (alternative 1,13 ) kW
Rotation Speed 1 – 250 U/min 1 – 4.500 ((alternative 1 – 6.000) U/min
Precision gear pumps (optional)
Size 0,05 / 0,10 / 0,20 / 0,3 / 0,6 / 1,2 / 3,0 / 6,0 / 12,0 / 20,0 ccm/R
Special pumps available on request
Hose package
Length according to customer requirements with all electrical and pneumatic connections enfolded
A-Components textile-reinforced polyamide high-pressure hose
B-Components steel-reinforced teflon high-pressure hose
Pneumatic system
  • Pneumatic system with filter-pressure reducer, maintenance unit including pressure monitoring and valve connection plate to control the pneumatic loads
Connection ratings
Electricity according to EN 60 204-1
Electrical power supply 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, or according to country specification
Rated power approx. 10 kVA
Average consumption ca. 4 kVA
Connection value ca. 150 l/min at 6 - 7 bar
Water connection value ca. 13 l/min at min. 4 bar
Container platform 625 x 1.500 x 860 mm (including container), approx. 85 kg per component
Pump chassis 1.500 x 1.450 x 420 mm, approx. 300 kg
Switch cabinet 1.200 x 2.625 x 500 mm, approx. 350-450 kg
Chassis modular hybrid construction, painted RAL 7035
Platform cover grid cover with adjustable levelling feet and drip pan
Mixing ratio from 100 : 1 to 1 : 100, infinitely variable
Output quantity from 0.05 to 100.0 g/s, other output quantities
Viscosity processing range from 1 mPas to 2.000.000 mPas, viscosities are available on request


  • Display languages are available in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese
  • Other country-specific languages on request
  • Strand identification, switch-cabinet lighting
  • Operating hours counter, remote maintenance via modem or TCP/IP
  • Adaptable to different power-supply ratings (60 Hz version)
  • Air-conditioning for electrical enclosure

Material preparation

  • Pressure container with capacitive minimum fill-level sensors and shut-off valve, with compressed air fittings and compressed air reducer valves for controlling the container pressure
  • Safety pressure valve, TÜV type-approved
  • 24 l pressure container, single-walled, galvanized
  • 24 l pressure container, single-walled, chrome nickel steel
  • 24 l pressure container, double-walled, chrome nickel steel
  • 44 l pressure container, single-walled, galvanised steel
  • 44 l pressure container, single-walled, chrome nickel steel
  • 44 l pressure container, double-walled, chrome nickel steel
  • 90 l pressure container, double-walled, chrome nickel steel
  • Wire mesh filter cartridges and plate disc filter
  • Three-phase motor stirring device  with 22 rpm
  • Three-phase motor stirring device with 99 rpm
  • Electric heating for single-walled containers
  • Temperature control for double-walled containers
  • Automatic air nucleation system
  • Manual vacuum degassing
  • Prepared to control an automatic refilling device
  • Material supply for 20 to 1.000 l containers

Quality assurance

  • Nucleation air measuring and control device "LBM-3"
  • Set-up and alarm logging, Process data logging
  • Additional quality assurance devices are adaptable according to customer requirements

Hose package

  • Recirculation hose package
  • Electric heating hoses with steel-reinforced teflon high-pressure hose core
  • Double-walled medium heating hose with teflon high-pressure hose core

Mixing head types

  • MK 20 with feed lines and static mixing
  • MK 400 with feed lines, high-pressure water or component rinsing
  • MK 400 with recirculation and high-pressure water or component rinsing
  • MK 600 with recirculation and high-pressure water or component rinsing


  • Material supply monitoring for component pumps
  • MDK 6 compressed air dryer
  • Rinsing and filling shot container
  • Spare-parts packages
  • Protective fence after clarification of agreed scope of delivery and statutory provisions
  • Transport, set-up and instruction