So outdoor lights still shine bright, even on a stormy night

Street lighting has been around since antiquity. But it wasn’t until 1884 that the first electric lights hit the streets of Berlin. After that, electrification of cities and the countryside proceeded in an unstoppable fashion.

Street and car park lighting are often exposed to extreme atmospheric conditions.  And whether it's fluorescent lights, sodium-vapour lamps or LED lighting systems, bulbs, electrical ballast and electrical components must be protected from damp and dust.

Through Sonderhoff sealing foams, the die-cast aluminium or fibreglass housings of outdoor lamps receive a perfect seal. Depending on the requirements they use either polyurethane foams FERMAPOR® K31 or silicone foams FERMASIL®. Thus the highest IP codes are attained, either IP66 with FERMAPOR® K31, or IP 69K with FERMASIL®. Silicone foam sealants for extremely low and high temperatures offer long-lasting protection, even in difficult environmental circumstances.