Broad product spectrum for optimal electronics protection

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The increasing digitization of our world is based on the increasing prevalence of high-performance electronics and the latest sensor systems. This demands more effective protection for these sensitive electronic components and sensors from a range of environmental influences. Only in this way can the functionality of electronics appliances, and the safety of their users, be maintained on a long-term basis. The requirements for such an optimal electronics protection system are many and stringent:


  • Protection from damp to fulfil impermeability guidelines in accordance with IP Codes or NEMA
  • Protection from mechanical stresses and infringement against vandalism and plagiarism
  • Micro-seals from 0.8 – 2 mm in cross-section for small-format parts
  • Listings under UL 50 / UL 50E (tightness) for the safety of electrical/electronic housings and devices
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  • RoHS conformity (restriction of hazardous substances) in accordance with EU-guideline 2011/65/EU for the restriction of the use of certain dangerous substances in electrical and electronic devices
  • ATEX protection in explosion danger zones
  • Aging resistance, also under variable temperature
  • Electrostatic charge and heat dissipating at high temperatures
  • Electrical insulation of cables against leakage current
  • Good flow properties for the filling of complex cavities
  • Good adhesion on various surfaces
  • Low material stress, so that fine electronic wires do not tear, as well as vibration and shock resistance

A broad range of properties from Sonderhoff

We fulfil these and many other requirements of electronic appliances with the broad spectrum of properties of our product systems. They range from FERMAPOR® K31 foam sealants through FERMAGLUE® adhesives for sealing or gluing electronics housings to FERMADUR® potting systems for potting of electronics components and circuit boards.

Whether it’s electronics housings, crash sensors, plugs, cables, circuit boards, relays, capacitors, transformers or other electronic assemblies – Sonderhoff has the right solution for every application and every task.

Tested a thousand times and approved a thousand times over.