The more electronics in a car, the more important their protection

The quantity of electronics in cars is growing. This development is driven by trends towards electric mobility, infotainment and concepts such as the self-driving car. Electronics have taken on countless functions, e.g. driver assistance systems, on-board computers, car alarms, multimedia devices, engine control, airbags, ABS and vehicle dynamics control.

That is why electric and electronic parts are now placed in the most diverse places within the car, and must in turn frequently communicate with each other. This high complexity and sensitive technology are often the cause of errors and faults that can disable a car.

Electronic parts must therefore be particularly well protected. That's done mainly by plastic or metal housings which are glued, potted and sealed using a foam seal, gluing or potting system by Sonderhoff. They help the electronics in the vehicle fulfil demands for robustness, high temperature, vibration and impact resistance and reliability

The FERMAPOR® K31 polyurethane foam gaskets or the very temperature-resistant silicone foam seals FERMASIL® seal housings for control electronics, e-box covers and contact plates against environmental influences.
With FERMADUR® potting systems, for example, thermo regulators, connectors, relays and capacitors are sealed water tight.