Dosing Cell 3E

The entry-level model for standard applications

The new Dosing Cell 3E is a 2-component low-pressure, mixing and dosing system for use in semi-automatic operation for gasketing, gluing and potting of a wide variety of components. With this system liquid, medium to high viscose media, such as polyurethanes or other reactive polymer materials can be processed precisely.

Sonderhoff has designed the Dosing Cell 3E to allow you as operator to easily and safely execute a wide variety of tasks. Standard operation is facilitated by the easy-to-handle, multi-functional MOBILE PANEL with integrated 6.5" touchscreen – an essential simplification for contour programming of components. The pre-adjustability and regulation of all system and process parameters ensure consistent production processing.


Build up and go!

With the 3E you can get started immediately. Place, plug & work!

To achieve this, we concentrated on the most essential characteristics and have designed the system for the most frequently used application characteristics. This has created a system which, through a very attractive entry-level price, enables extremely short amortisation times, and which produces small and medium quantities economically.


The 3E saves time, space and costs

Everything in the machine is targeted at efficiency. The application rate of the MK 425 mixing head is between 0.5 g and 5.0 g per second, depending on material and mixing ratio. Experience has shown that this is the bandwidth which covers 80% of the current applications. The pressure tanks, with a 44 litre capacity for the A-component and 24 litre capacity for the B-component, accommodate the typical, asymmetric mixing ratio.

The machine concept itself is designed so that the machine can be delivered completely assembled in one piece in a container. Moreover the machine is prepared in such a way that it just needs to be set up at the destination location and connected to the mains supply. As soon as water and compressed air are connected, and the material is prepared in the material pressure tanks, production can begin – place, plug & work!

The machine is CE-compliant, and so an immediate, safe production start is possible. The manual liftdoor safely delimits the danger zone, so that additional protective fences or light barriers are not needed – an additional, efficiency-increasing saving of space and costs. Moreover, due to the high degree of standardisation, delivery time is shortened. Customers who are already familiar with the FIP(F)G technology can set-up the system on their own. Of course we would be pleased to support you on request!


Achieve a lot with minimal effort

The ecological high-pressure water rinsing system is the essential characteristic of environmentallyfriendly processing of 2-components reaction materials. The use of solvents to clean the mixing head becomes superfluous. With this proven technology you make an active contribution to environmental protection – throughout the machine's service life.

The Dosing Cell 3E – a genuine Sonderhoff

The Dosing Cell 3E can't do everything – but with comparably little effort, it can do a great deal! And it can continue to do so for many years, thanks to the proven Sonderhoff quality. In spite of all the cost efficiency: The 3E mixing and dosing system uses the proven Sonderhoff components for all essential parts. Starting from the MK 425 mixing head, the central IPC controller, the modern sensors and actuators, to the pressure-controlled recirculation-valve technology, including automatic air nucleation, and extending to the high-pressure water rinsing system.

  • Self-explanatory operator guidance via dialogue programming using menu technology with softkeys, touch buttons and function keys; multi-functional mobile panel with integrated 6.5” touchscreen
  • Display languages available: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese
  • Modular “IPC controller” integrated into the control cabinet by means of Power-Link
  • EMERGENCY STOP shutdown with proven “Sonderhoff-SAFETY” concept, real-time-capable bus system
  • Control cabinet pre-installed
  • Preselect for Set-up/Stand-by/Manual/Automatic operating modes
  • Recipe management
  • Operator password protection can be selected at 4 levels
  • Data backup via USB stick or LAN
  • Programmable pot-life monitoring and dosing quantity preselect, as well as automatic rinsing and material conditioning (air nucleation, stirring, etc.)
  • Automatic delivery rate adjustment available whenever needed, through pressure regulation
  • Preparation for automatic refill
  • Timer with automatic start-up
  • Pressure monitoring of components, digital component pressure display
  • Safety shutdown from protective door
  • Data storage for operating system and system programs on CFast storage media
Mixing ratio from 10 : 1 to 1 : 2, infinitely variable
Application rate from 0.5 to 5.0 g/s (*)
Viscosity processing range Component A: 1,000 mPas – 100,000 mPas (*)
Component B: 200 mPas – 1.000 mPas (*)

(*) depending on viscosity and mixing ratio / other application rates and viscosities on request
Component A 1,2 ccm/Rev.
Component B 0,3 ccm/Rev.
Component A Textile-reinforced, polyamide high-pressure hose
Component B Steel-reinforced Teflon high-pressure hose
Recirculation hose package  
  • MK 425 with recirculation and high-pressure water flushing or component flushing
  • Pressure tanks with capacitive minimum fill level sensors and shut-off ball valve, with compressed air fittings and compressed air reducing valves for primary pressure regulation of tank pressures
  • Safety pressure valve TÜV type-tested
  • 44 l pressure tank, double wall, chrome nickel steel for component A
  • 24 l pressure tank, double wall, chrome nickel steel for component B
  • Wire mesh filter cartridges
  • Three-phase current agitator running at 99 rpm for tank A
  • Automatic air nucleation
  • Preparation for control of an automatic refilling device
  • Pneumatic system with filter-pressure reducer, maintenance unit with pressure monitoring and valve cluster for control of pneumatic loads
Speed: 15 m/min
Acceleration: 2 m/s2
Traversing range x/y/z: 2.500 mm x 1.250 mm x 250 mm
Speed-regulated servo gear motor with speed display and adjustment through the display
  Pumps Mixing Head
Drive performance 0,33 kW 0,33 kW
Drive rotational speeds 1 – 250 rpm 1 –  6.000 rpm
Electrical system Execution as per EN 60 204-1
Mains connection 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
Rated power approx. 10 kVA
Ø consumption: approx. 4 kVA
Compressed air connection value approx. 150 l/min at 6 - 7 bar
Water connection value approx. 13 l/min at min. 4 bar
  • Dimensions W/H/D approx. 4,200 x 2,220 x 2,050 mm
  • Chassis compact design, powder-coated
  • Weight approx. 1,500 kg
  • Material supply monitoring for component pumps
  • Compressed air dryer MDK 6
  • Air conditioner for control cabinet temperature control
  • Rinsing and filling shot container
  • Spare parts packages
  • Strand identification







Area of application

This shuttle table unit permits the single-level processing of parts on two pendulum receiving plates in one plane, moving back and forth. This offers both continuous operation and short cycle times.

For larger parts, the two tables can be connected to one large shuttle table.

The table unit consists of a chassis section (fitted with adjustable levelling feet), with two moveable tabletops made of coated multiplex with attachment holes for securing the workpiece support or the workpiece itself.

The shuttle table is not integrated in the system, but is delivered with the machine for self-assembly.


Technical specifications


  • Manually operated hub of the shuttle table plates
  • Maximum load per table top 30kg
  • The two shuttle tables are in one plane and can be connected to be used as one large worktop


Dimensions shuttle table / operating surface (length x width in mm each):
Length (L) Width (B) Stroke (H) Operation height (AH)
1224 1225 1475




Technical drawing