Dosing cell 3E SIL

Dosing cell with the highest process stability for automated sealing, bonding and potting of 2K silicone systems

The SONDERHOFF 3E SIL dosing cell is a low-pressure mixing and dosing machine that is intended for use with 2-component silicone material systems for seal foaming, bonding and potting industrial parts. The liquid, medium- and high-viscosity 2K silicone material systems undergo exact processing, dynamic homogeneous mixing and precise dosing and are applied to the parts in a fully automatic process using FIPFG technology (formed-in-place foam gasket). 

The 3E SIL was designed as a modern, compact dosing machine for standard applications and for the most frequently used application conditions.

In addition to the 3E SIL, we offer two other machine types. These are the 3E PUR for 2K polyurethane systems and the 3E FLEX as a customizable dosing cell for optional configurations.

All three machine types of the 3E dosing cell are equipped with DM 50x technology and different precision mixing heads from the MK 800 series, which feature impressive innovative improvements. They ensure maximum process stability for the fully automatic dosing of the 2K material systems used. An attractive entry price enables very short payback periods, and the high degree of standardization also shortens delivery times.

Optimized process evaluation and control

The 3E SIL dosing cell is equipped with the precision mixing head MK 825 PLUS. The sensors installed in the mixing head measure data for continuous monitoring and compliance with critical process parameters.

The machine operator therefore has access to a comprehensive data-base. It also enables preventive maintenance of wearing parts. The automatic logging of all system, material and process data ensures the transparency of the production sequence at any time.

Furthermore, we offer various technical services that ensure con- tinuously high machine availability.

The new video for the dosing cell SONDERHOFF 3E PUR and SIL



Here you can find out how easy it is to commission and operate the 3E dosing cell – place, plug & work! The video also informs you about its functionality, and where the individual machine components are located in the system, as well as how the optionally available shuttle table can be attached to the dosing cell in self-assembly.



Dosing cell SONDERHOFF 3E SIL for 2K silicone systems


Dosing components and material containers Mixing head MK 825 PLUS Linear robot Control cabinet Operation & programming via the Sonderhoff user interface Lifting door Filling shot and rinse water tanks Shuttle / sliding table (optional) Optional refilling station

Dosing components and material containers

At the front left side are e.g. the precision gear pump, the high-pressure water unit for mixing head rinsing, and the material pressure tank for the A and B components.

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Mixing head MK 825 PLUS

MK 825 PLUS precision mixing head

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Linear robot

The 3-axis linear robot ensures repeatable guidance of the mixing head over the component being processed.

Control cabinet

The control electronics, servo and safety engineering, and the industrial PC are installed in an air-conditioned switch cabinet.

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Operation & programming via the Sonderhoff user interface

The multi-functional MP 2 Mobile Panel with touchscreen (10.1” WXGA TFT) for program- ming and operating the dosing machine.

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Lifting door

Lifting door with safety monitoring for manual closing and opening of the mixing head travel area in the dosing cell ensures the CE conformity of the dosing system.

Filling shot and rinse water tanks

At the front right side is the opening for removing the filling shot and rinse water tanks.

Shuttle / sliding table (optional)

Shuttle / sliding table with two alternately operated manual mounting plates

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Optional refilling station

The dosing cell 3E SIL can optionally be equipped with a refilling station for automatic material supply.

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The compact class for 2K silicone applications

Place, plug & work!


Once the 3E SIL is removed from its transport container, production can start without much preparation. Power, water and compressed air just have to be connected and the two material components of the chosen 2K silicone system filled into and prepared in the separate material pressure tanks. With the 3E SIL, even small and medium quantities can be produced very economically.

The dosing machine is equipped with a manually operated lifting door. Accordingly, the machine is CE-compliant, so that no additional safety fences or light barriers are required – this boosts efficiency, saving space and costs.



With the dosing cell SONDERHOFF 3E SIL (Economic, Efficient & Ecological), you can get to work right away: Place, plug & work!



The dosing cell is designed in such a way that it can be delivered in a container, fully assembled as a single unit, and only needs to be set up and connected at its installation location.
The dosing cell is removed from the transport container, set up and connected: place, plug & work. All features are arranged on a single chassis so that the dosing cell can be relocated very easily in production.
The dosing cell requires very little space, just approx. 9 m², and can be used flexibly as a production island.





Cellular mixing and dosing machine for processing and dosing 2K SIL systems


The SONDERHOFF 3E SIL dosing cell comprises the MK 825 PLUS precision mixing head for two material components. In the mixing head the material components are mixed dynamically and precisely dosed for application on the part. The MK 825 PLUS is designed for the dosing of 0.2 to 3.0 g/s with a continuously adjustable mixing ratio of 10 : 1 to 1 : 2.

The mixing head is precisely guided within the travel range of 2,500 x 1,250 x 250 mm (x/y/z) by a 3-axis linear robot integrated into the cell. The linear robot with toothed-belt drive is characterized by its good stiffness. This allows the mixing head to be guided over the part being processed with very high repeatability.


Half-open lifting door showing the MK 825 PLUS precision mixing head and the energy chain
MK 825 PLUS precision mixing head for two material components with dynamic mixing



Operating the dosing machine 3E SIL


The machine operator places one or more parts on the prepared workpiece holder within the working area of the dosing cell. He then closes the lifting door with a hand lever at the front of the machine. The fully automatic application of material to the part can start. For this purpose, the CNC-controlled MK 825 PLUS precision mixing head moves over the part contour.


To remove one or more parts after the dispensing process, the machine operator opens the lifting door using either the hand strap mounted there or the lever.



The individual components of the 3E SIL dosing cell


Mixing head MK 825 PLUS

Sensor-controlled 2-component mixing head with high-pressure water rinsing and dynamic mixing for liquid to highly viscous polymeric reaction materials for seal foaming, bonding and potting processes.


Control Cabinet

The switch cabinet is the expandable future-proof control center of the SONDERHOFF 3E SIL dosing cell with DM 50x technology. It includes the electrical distribution as well as the control and safety technology for the dosing machine and the CNC control of the 3-axis linear robot installed in the cell.


Dosing machine components and material containers

The dosing machine components of the SONDERHOFF 3E SIL dosing cell are mounted on the side of the cell. This is where e.g. the precision gear pumps, compressed air connection and dryer, and the maintenance unit and high-pressure water unit for mixing head rinsing are located.


Multi-functional MP 2 mobile panel

The SONDERHOFF 3E SIL dosing cell is designed to enable the operator to perform a wide variety of tasks easily and safely. The system is operated via the easy-to-use, multi-functional Sonderhoff MP 2 mobile panel with integrated 10.1“ touchscreen. This makes the contour programming of components significantly simpler.


Optional shuttle table

The SONDERHOFF 3E SIL dosing cell offers an attachable sliding table with manually shifting mounting plates as an alternative option for placement and processing of industrial parts for sealing, bonding, or potting. With this solution, a machine operator loads the two mounting plates with the components in an alternating sequence.


Optional automatic refilling stations

The 3E SIL dosing cell can optionally be equipped with a refilling station for automatic material supply. This ensures material-specific preparation, homogeneous consistency and a continuous supply of materials to the component containers of the mixing and dosing system – without exposure to or contamination of the products to be filled. 


Technical Service

Synthesis of proactive in-house service, experienced on-site service and responsive online service