<font color="#e0000f">Sealing of </font>linear luminaires


To ensure that lighting systems function reliably, whether in neon tubes, energy-saving bulbs, halogen or LED lighting technology, the luminaire housing needs to be sealed against moisture, dust and other environmental conditions. Thanks to the excellent long- term behavior of our sealing foams, we meet your requirements for resistance to the influence of temperature and UV, as well as preventing the penetration of water and dust into the luminaire housings, corresponding to IP protection classes and NEMA enclosure types.

Moisture in wet rooms can lead to short circuits causing considerable damage to the light fittings and their electrical connections. Special linear luminaires, known as damp-proof luminaires, are used in wet rooms and unprotected outdoor areas. The housings of these light fittings are seamlessly sealed with a 2-component polyurethane foam from the FERMAPOR K31 product family. This is achieved using our dosing technology through the precise application of the still-liquid material into the housing groove. Foaming in the groove creates a soft foam gasket, which cures at room temperature and has a virtually invisible joint.