Seal foaming with explosion protection in accordance with ATEX norms

Explosion protection, that part of engineering that deals with protection from the causes and effects of explosions, belongs to the sphere of safety engineering and serves to protect from harm through the use of technological products, devices and other appliances for people and objects.

The importance and value of the explosion protection regulations has only grown with the rapid progress of industrial development. It must be respected not only in the chemical industries and mining, but also in many areas of manufacturing.

Through the tendency towards ever-larger production units, higher production volumes and not least because of more restrictive legal stipulations, the number of potentially affected factories has grown.

SONDERHOFF sealants fulfil strict ATEX guidelines

Explosion protection is achieved through technical solutions such as forms of ignition protection and zoning, and is described in norms (e.g. IEC or EN).  Legal stipulations such as the ATEX guidelines of the European Union are the foundation for these.

To make the safe even safer often seems scarcely possible. Using special SONDERHOFF FERMASIL sealing and potting systems, with their explosion protected properties, it can be done.

The housings of lamps for use in danger zones, in which an explosive atmosphere can build up, are sealed against high temperatures using the explosion-protective properties of silicone foam.

Alternatively, LED lights are directly sealed against explosions using silicone potting. In such a way, IP code 67 for explosion protected lamps is achieved, as well as the required ATEX-, PTB- and UL-approvals.