Optimum sealing for clear vision with the external lights on.


Turn on the light and see clearly on dark and stormy nights! Car lighting has the central role of providing the best possible illumination.

Perfect headlight and brake-light clarity means better safety for all road users. That goes as much for “seeing” as for “being seen” – whatever the time of day and weather conditions. Ever more innovative light systems offer, beside optimal illumination of the surroundings, greater driving comfort than ever before.

Beside traditional halogen headlamps and the xenon lamps that have been employed for many years, LED (Light-Emitting Diode) systems are considered the technology of the future. Their meagre space requirements, low heat production and extremely long service life offer whole new possibilities for headlight construction.

Through this, LED systems also offer new possibilities in the realm of automotive design and sharpen the brand-specific appearance of a product.

Henkel offers optimum sealing technology for your lighting

So that your innovative vehicle lighting system can continue to shine unhindered, we offer you the right fit in sealant and adhesive solutions.  They keep moisture outside and reduce unwanted misting of the headlight lenses caused by condensation.

We have set us the task of driving sealing and process technology to its peak, in response to the high performance demanded by lamp housings of their foam sealants and adhesives.

Our products cover a wide range of uses:

From headlamps, rear lights, 3rd brake lights, indicators, reversing lights, rear fog lamps and licence plate lamps all the way to multifunctional lighting units on cars, vans and lorries.