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Since Sonderhoff’s market start in China beginning of 2009 their business developed very well. Sonderhoff (Suzhou) Sealing Systems is responsible for the exclusive sales and distribution of all products of Sonderhoff in China.

In order to become more independent from imports, polyurethane material production will start at their new, greater location in the Singapore Industrial Park (SIP) in Suzhou at spring this year.

The new material production from Sonderhoff in China and the new machines for expanding the contract manufacturing of Chinese customers’ parts is an investment in the future for the company’s further growth in China.

At the new location contract manufacturing services for foam gasket, gluing and potting applications is also available for customers who do not have their own dispensing machines. They are offered individual sampling of prototypes, as well as pilot application processes or small batches up to serial production.

Sonderhoff (Suzhou) Sealing Systems – the one-stop-shop.

Sonderhoff is a one-stop shop for the plastics and metal processing companies. They have the choice of more than 1,000 material formulations for various applications, for instance, switch board enclosures, electronics, automotive, air condition, filters, lighting, photovoltaic, packaging or household appliances.

They can rely on the corresponding dispensing systems from Sonderhoff for the automated application on industrial parts as well as its process know-how, multi-patented knowledge and 55 years of our experience. In accordance with it, the Sonderhoff System combines chemical and technical competence with creative engineering know-how and a comprehensive service.

The four basic types of material:

The four different types of dispensing machines:

DM 402/403

DM 402/403

The DM 402/403 is a 2- or multi-component high-performance low pressure semi- or fullyautomatic mixing and dosing system for gasket, gluing and potting applications of different types of parts. The DM 402/403 precisely processes liquid, medium to high viscose media such as polyurethane, silicones, epoxy resins and other polymer reaction substances.



The SMART is a 2-component dispensing cell for semi- or fully-automatic use for gasketing, gluing and potting the widest range of parts. The system enables high-precision processing of liquid, medium and high viscosity polymers, such as polyurethane, silicone, epoxy resin or other polymer reactive substances. The dispensing cell is available in two sizes: SMART-M und SMART-L.

Dispensing cell 3E

Dispensing cell 3E

The new dispensing cell 3E – Economic, Efficient, Ecological – is a 2-component low-pressure mixing and dispensing system for use in partly automated production for foam sealing, gluing and potting. The dispensing cell 3E is designed as an entry-level model for standard uses and is economical even in small batch sizes. An immediate production start is possible. Set-up, plug in, produce!

DM 50 / 70

DM 50 / 70

The DM 50 and DM 70 are 1 or 2-component mixing and dispensing systems for use in manual production. The mixing of the materials to be used can be achieved through a static mixing head (MK 20) or a dynamic one (MK 50) All parts are housed on a moveable chassis. The DM 50 and DM 70 allow the manual application of different material by means of a hand applicator.

Job order production, the cunning alternative!

Use Sonderhoff Suzhou as your “extended workbench” – it has several advantages:

Customers who want to outsource sealing from their production chain, or who would like to take the first steps in using this technology together with us, have access to the entire group knowledge through Sonderhoff Services.

They have the opportunity to carry out test runs or new development without disrupting their own production. At the same time our company group ensures the integration of your developments and production processes with practical experience.

We offer you complementary production capacity, of your own production or personnel structures are insufficient to meet peaks of demand.

For if you unite experience, know-how, innovative power, dedication and team spirit into a homogeneous overall concept, the result is synergy you can talk about.

Local technical service and original spare parts for reliable performance

Quality that's worth it!

Continuous improvement process in quality, service and safety

Alongside Sonderhoff’s essential knowledge and decades of experience, a certified quality management system is for us the foundation stone of the high value job order production of your important parts and their qualified handling from delivery to supply.

Consistent quality management is the basis of our success. And we can prove it: with our ISO 9001 certificate of TÜV-tested quality, the visible manifestations of our insistence on quality.

The continuous improvement process in quality, service and safety is a part of our strategy to ensure continuous adherence to the highest standards. With this, we can assure you of the optimum quality of an important part of your product: its sealing, gluing or potting.

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