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Welcome to Sonderhoff Italia!

Founded in 2001, Sonderhoff Italia is responsible for the sale and distribution of all Sonderhoff products in the Italian market. Not only the sale of mixing and dosing machines and polyurethane and silicone systems, but also the complete range of services in order to ensure the best implementations of its solutions. The know how of Sonderhoff Italia extends from the applications to the productive processes so to combine the chemical and mechanical cultures.

The company offers its customers total turnkey solutions-everything  from the development of their productive processes up to the putting into operation of the machine, the training on the machine and material, the technical service. In addition to that, Sonderhoff Italia offers contract manufacturing for gasketing, glueing and potting. The offer in this case ranges from the production of individual prototypes and pilot or small series through to full-scale series production.

Sonderhoff Italia - a consistent growth!

Sonderhoff Italia growth opportunities have always been favorable.

As a reflection of this, we first moved to a bigger location in 2011 and in 2016, on the occasion of our 15th birthday, we decided to further expand ourselves with the acquisition of a new building nearby our headquarters.

A bigger production area. A continuous attention to the always more complex enquiries and to the higher and higher expectations coming from its customers.  This enables/leads to the design and development of innovative products, to the increase in qualification and efficiency of each of its department and to the start of new business.

New, exclusive, innovativ > GEKO - SPIDER !

Self-adhesive Polyurethane and Silicone Gasket

Sonderhoff Italia has leveraged its experience to develop a  special solution that can be applied directly by the customers on their parts and that, therefore, doesn’t require the use of its machines.


  • UL recognized adhesive
  • Reliable bond even to critical substrates
  • Immediate usability right after assembly
  • Right angle possible thanks to a 45° partial cut
  • Gasket ideal compression : PUR 20-60%, SIL 10-30%
  • Standard sizes (base x height) : about 9x5mm – about 14x8mm (the width can vary within more or less 2mm. each side)
  • Different sizes can be realized according to the specific needs of the customer
  • Hardness can be decided by the customer accordingly to his requirements.
  • Stripes length : SIL – 2,15 Mt. , PUR - 50Mt. on rolls
  • Mixed (PUR) and Closed (SIL) cell structure

It is also possible to create foamed PUR and SIL gaskets on drawing of the customer without adhesive.

For more detailed information about the product and the prices You can directly contact our Sales Department:

Tel.:      0341 2655.1

Sonderhoff Italia – the company's competitive advantages

Sonderhoff Italia has immediately met the domestic market approval, thus consolidating in short time its leading position as supplier for high quality sealing systems, mixing and dosing machines and services. Polymeric gasketing, glueing and potting systems based on Polyurethane and Silicone are the company core competences. We supply the most different user industries, from the Automotive, Electronics and Electrical cabinets, over the Lighting and Packaging, up to the Household Appliances and Climate Technologies.

Sonderhoff Italia sells both the chemical systems produced by Sonderhoff Chemicals, than the mixing and dosing machines manufactured by Sonderhoff Engineering. Our offer extends to the putting into operation of the machine, the technical assistance, the supply of the spare parts. Furthermore all of this, Sonderhoff Italia is fitted with the necessary equipments for the contract manufacturing for gasketing, glueing and potting. As a result we are able to satisfy all specific requests and needs coming from each of our customer. What is your need?


After-Sales Services

Sonderhoff Italia is committed to ensure to its customers both in Italy and abroad the highest performance from their machines. The Company, in fact, has a qualified technical department dedicated to the after-sales services that is ready to support the customer in all circumstances with timely and effective solutions.

Specifically, our range of services includes:

  • Putting into operation of the plant and its eventual moving to a different place
  • Training on the machine/materials to be processed at the customer or at our company
  • Assistance to the production
  • Urgent Assistance in case of unplanned plant downtime
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Internal repair for the customers (pumps, valves, …)
  • Telephone assistance
  • Spare parts order

Contract manufacturing

Sonderhoff Italia offers to its customers its knowledge and its experience also in the field of contract manufacturing for gasketing, glueing and potting. Sonderhoff Italia peculiarity, in fact, is that to provide an answer that is made up not only by the chemical materials or by the machine, but by the finished product i.e. the FIP(F)G gasket, potting and glueing.

In our laboratory in Oggiono are carried out activities of:


Gaskets, Pottings, Glueings application for those customers that do not have such a necessity to justify the purchase of a machine.

Pretreatment with open-air plasma, flame, application of any cleaner or primer in order to increase the adhesion of different “critical” materials (metal, plastic, etc.)

Sampling for those customers that are interested in the purchase of a machine or in the contract gasketing service and that prefer to precede this investment by a pre-production so to evaluate the best type of processing in order to satisfy their expectations


The laboratory is made up of several machines that can process 2K Polyurethane and Silicone and also 1K products.

Purchase - Refurbishment -
Resale of used machines

A qualified technical department. A consistent focus on the Company growth opportunities.

All these elements have recently contributed to the enlargement of Sonderhoff Italia range of activities : The Purchase- Refurbishment – Resale of Sonderhoff used mixing and dosing systems.

Specifically, the company is committed to:

  • The evaluation of the used systems
  • The demounting of the machine at the customer site and transport
  • The refurbishment of the system
  • The resale

We look forward to your visit...

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