Sonderhoff Engineering – custom-made Dispensing systems!

Sonderhoff engineering, as a part of the Sonderhoff enterprise group, is the centre of excellence for the development and production of dispensing systems and automated systems for foam sealing, gluing and potting using polymer reagents.

Our customers produce more than 300,000,000 seals a year using our systems – more than a million every working day.

At our location in Dornbirn/Austria, we develop dispensing systems and automated solutions that can be integrated flexibly into many different developments. Our core competence therefore includes developing, consulting and selling of the appropriate technology for a particular situation, regardless whether you want to operate a Sonderhoff Engineering system as a stand-alone unit or to integrate it into a complex production line.

New product innovations

It goes for our new machines too: Their reliability and long service life not only ensures a good return on your investment – it spares your time, nerves and resources. Because our machines will run and run and run: 90% of our customers produce using our machines for more than 10 years!


Dosing cell 3E: economic – efficient – ecological

The new Sonderhoff dispensing cell 3E – Economic, Efficient, Ecological – is a 2-component low-pressure mixing and dispensing system for use in partly automated production for foam sealing, gluing and potting. With this system, fluid, medium- and high-viscosity plastics such as polyurethane or other polymer materials are exactly processed.


World novelty: DM 402 / 403 CC

The new mixing and dispensing system DM 402 / 403 CC with medium pressure technology produces a predominantly closed-cell foam structure. With this, it closes the gap between the predominantly open-cell polyurethane foam and the closed-cell silicone foam and is characterised by a very low water absorption rate – at a markedly more attractive price compared to silicone and similar 1-component PUR alternatives.


The SMART-L dispensing cell with thin film degasification

With help from thin-film degassing, air intrusions are completely evacuated from the potting in the storage tank, for a clear and bubble-free encapsulation of the LEDs - and thereby optimum potting transparency.
Through the employment of aliphatic isocyanates, Fermadur® LED potting systems are highly resistant against UV radiation and have a very high light transmission of up to 80%. At the same time they demonstrate self-healing properties after scratching - the potting surface returns of its own accord into its original unscratched state!


Sonderhoff Engineering – the firm

Almost 100 employees work at our new location in Dornbirn on Lake Constance. They achieved a total turnover in 2015 of 22M EUR.

The core competence is “customised engineering”: we specify the optimal system configuration for your production process on the basis of our tried-and-tested modular standard build forms.

For their adjustment and implementation we offer the highest possible level of customer service: every third employee has direct customer contact, whether in sales, project management, machine set-up or services.

Our colleagues in system construction and software programming ensure continuous and totally reliable delivery. This is where our ready-to-use dispensing systems for direct integration into the production process are made – over 80 in 2015.

And so that this reliability is always provided after commission, we have all machine parts ready and available in our stores, so that even in case of repairs machine downtime can be kept to a minimum. And we’ve got it in writing that it all makes sense to do so: Sonderhoff Engineering is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

NEWS about Sonderhoff Engineering

Here you will find the latest news and press releases about the Sonderhoff Engineering GmbH.

President of Henkel Austria visits Sonderhoff Engineering

The President of Henkel Austria, Mag. Birgit Rechberger-Krammer, Member of the Management Board and responsible for Laundry & Home Care, visited the Sonderhoff Engineering GmbH in Dornbirn for the first time on 10th December. The globally operating manufacturer of mixing and dosing systems for automated material orders has been part of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA (Düsseldorf) since July 2017 and is therefore also in the responsibility of Mag. Birgit Rechberger-Krammer. In conversations with the responsible managing director of the company, Holger Hülsken, and his executive staff, Mag. Rechberger-Krammer was able to convince himself of the highly innovative products and the progress of the ongoing integration of the company into the Henkel Group. During a tour through the new head office of Sonderhoff Engineering, she also received a very good impression of the entire team of employees as well as the new and modern workstations in the light architecture of the administration and production buildings of Sonderhoff Engineering.

Sonderhoff Engineering receives Dornbirn entrepreneurship in new company headquarters

The Business League Dornbirn under its chairman, City Council Guntram Mäser, started in its program year 2018  with a factory tour of the Sonderhoff Engineering GmbH on Thursday evening March 15. Holger Hülsken, the managing director of the company, welcomed Dornbirn's entrepreneurship as part of the business-oriented project at the new location in the Dornbirn-Nord operating area. The interest in this event was great, especially since exciting insights into the high-tech company were to be expected.


We look forward to your visit!

In 2017 we moved into our new building in Dornbirn.

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