The right chemistry!

Chemistry is of particular importance to us. On the one hand for our products and services, on the other in the close connections we maintain with our customers and our relationship to the environment. An exact balance ensures the best solution each time. Always in focus: sealing systems with the optimal physical and chemical properties for the particular purpose as per the customer’s requirements. Selecting the correct raw materials always has priority with us. They must meet high quality standards over the long term, be risk-free, and in the application must be reproducible and dimensionally accurate. We also offer environmentally degradable and compatible cleaning agents, rinsing agents for low pressure mixing and dosing machines as well as adhesion promoters. Our systematically acquired knowledge, more than 1000 formulations and the innovative power of our entire group guarantee absolute customer orientation, tailored products and solutions in line with market conditions.

Our product families are outlined below:

  • FERMAPOR® K31 - Polyurethane flexible foam systems
  • FERMADUR® - Polyurethane potting resin systems
  • FERMASIL® - RTC-Silicone foam systems
  • FERMAPOR® DD980 - PVC-Plastisoles
  • FERMASKIN® - Soft polyurethane foam surrounded by an elastomeric skin

Of course, all our products are formulated in such a way that current workplace safety and environmental requirements are satisfied.